Friday, November 6, 2009


I LOVE THIS and will treaure this memory FOREVER!!

When Cameron was a little guy (around 6-7 monthes) Josh and I started this song and dance of the song 'Respect'. (I don't even know if that is the title or who sings it, but anyways...). Josh is going to kill me for sharing this with the world, but we have done it many times in front of family. Just say we are their entertainment...moving on...

Cameron LOVED, and I mean, LOVED it when we would sing and dance this song for him. He would laugh so hard. We would laugh so hard. Our audience would laugh so hard. It was the best.

Now, we get to share this exciting moment with Cade. Except, the tables have turned a little. Cameron now gets to help turn our 'duo' into a 'trio' as he helps sing the song song and do the moves for his little brother.

This is precious to see in person if you remember us doing it with Cameron. We are happy to entertain you if you live if you would like for us to, if not, enjoy this video.

I love Cameron's dancing. I love Cade's laugh.

Oh how I don't want them to grow up!


nurselauragail said...

Your family is precious...all 4 of you! Hearing little babies laugh like that is greatness!

Jim said...

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