Friday, January 30, 2009

A School Story

So excuse me as I venture away from our family blog for a moment and share a sweet thing I saw at school today.

Our school has really been focusing on math this year, so as part of our 'Math Initiative', our Math Specialist has put up an interactive math bulletin board for the school. She has put activities on their such as 'List things that come in pairs' or 'Tell me about the Number ___'. The point of the board is to at some point have your students answer the question and then put their answers on the board for all to see.

Well, this six weeks, the activity is to list things that are possible and then list things that are impossible. Here is what the board looks like:
I was wondering what kind of responses we would get and then there, right in the middle of the 'possible' side is this:
Is that not so sweet? Probably not the exact answer the Math Specialist was looking for, but I mean.... duh? I think this little boy got it right and helped bring a smile to my face!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Sweet, Sweet Boy

I have to share this sweet moment that we caught Cameron doing last night.

Every Monday, his Mamma picks him up from Ms. Paula's house. They always play and have a grand time!! Last night, Josh and I went to pick Cameron up. When we got there, he was pushing a doll stroller around with one of Riley's baby dolls, which is named Baby Josh. He was so proud...his dad, not so much! But, we let it slide (and this isn't the first time that he wanted to play with the doll).

Anyways, as the adults were talking, I noticed that Cameron had found himself a nice, cozy seat in Mamma's rocking chair with baby Josh. Then, the best of all, he was singing 'Jesus Loves Me' to his baby. After the song, he held baby Josh's hand and they said their prayers. It was so sweet to hear 'Dear God' come out of his little mouth.

He was following our night time routine and I was so happy to spy in on his special moment, even if he was playing with a doll. Whenever he 'pretends' he hates for any of us to see, so you should of seen all of us adults peeking around the corner at this sweet sight.

Oh, I love moments like this! Now, if I could just gotten a picture?!?!?!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure

Seriously, as far as eating goes, this pregancy could not of come at a better time. First off, I was five months preggo at Thanksgiving, and luckily just ending the what seemed never ending morning sickness. Needless to say, my plate at Thanksgiving looked a lot like this and did I feel guilty about eating that much...not really!

And then comes Christmas. Time for deserts galore, yummy chocolate fugde, and even better lots of Christmas parties. Did I eat more than I should of? Heck ya! Did I feel guilty about it...not this year! I will worry about loosing the pounds once Cade gets here.

Now, of all times, it is Girl Scout Cookie time. And even better, I work at an elementary school, so how in the world can I turn down my students when they ask me to buy cookies? So five boxes later, I am just feeling a little guilty. But not enough to make me stop eating.

Now, after Cade gets here, I will probably have a blog that reads "How did I get this fat?" Look for that come March.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Simple Thank You

My sis-in-law (who has a great new blog by the way...) sent me this website to send President Bush a simple thank you. It is seriously one click away. Regardless of your political views, he did aide in keeping us safe during his presidency. Maybe we should take the time to thank him? Click here if you want to send G.W. a thank you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Aunt has a new 'ass'

O.k., first off I am not cussing. I have parent's of my students who read this blog, and the title has nothing to do with a cuss word. I just couldn't resist.

I had the best laugh today thanks to my Aunt Debbie. As some of you know, Debbie and Mark live in Cotulla, down in South Texas on their ranch. It is a great place to hang out with family, and even better, Cameron really loves it down there.

Better yet, Debbie and Mark have a donkey named Miss Katie. She is like part of the family as she loves to join my grandma for her morning coffee sometimes up on the front porch. And, I would like to add that it has added for some confusion in my little family, as my sister-in-law and Cameron's aunt, is also named Katie. In no way am I referring to Aunt Katie as a donkey, but Cameron does look at Miss Katie a little weird sometimes!! Thanks Katie for a being a sport about that!

Anyways, this is the e-mail I received from Aunt Debbie today:

It is with great excitement that Mark and I announcement the birth of a new member to our family. Our "ass," Katie had another little baby ass. Mom and baby are doing well. She had him/her out in the pasture so we had to load him/her on the back of our huntin' truck and proceed slowyback to the barn...Katie was in hot persuit. She is really a great mom. At first we couldn't get very close...she would head us off at the pass...but now we can actually pet him/her (I really need to take a good look down there). The dogs are really curious too! Katie will only let them get so close before she takes off after them.

He/she was born sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning. We haven't picked out a name yet...I guess we really need to find out the sex first.

And of course, what would this post be without a picture of Debbie's new ass?!?!?

Congrats Debbie and Mark on the new addition to your family! May Miss Katie's lil one be spoiled rotten like you spoil my lil one!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cade's New Bed

I am so excited because Cade has a new crib!! We had no intention what-so-ever in buying Cade a new bed, as Cameron's crib was just fine. And since Cameron has now moved into a big boy bed (more on that later), we could just use his bed for Cade's. Well, after doing some research (and b/c my sis-in-law pointed it out to me), I realized that Cameron's crib had a recall on it. Luckily, this meant that we just had to send in a few screws from his crib and they would send us a voucher for new crib...and viola, Cade now is the proud owner of a brand new crib.

Sharon, Cameron and I headed to the Woodland's today to pick out his new bed, and we came home with the one pictured below, in espresso. I can't wait to see it all put together and in his room. I have his bedding all picked out (which will be sort of like a Tiffany blue and white) and now it is just a matter of cleaning out the guest bedroom/computer room and making it into a nursery/guest room. How this furniture will all fit, I may never know, but it just has to work.

Anyways, it was an exciting day for Mr. Cade and he doesn't even know it!! I will post pics of his room once we get it all put together!

And did you know that Cade's arrival is a short 8 1/2 weeks away!?!?! Where did the time go?


I have been wanting to post this for quite some time now and am so glad to finally find the opportunity to sit down and write this...thanks to Mimi who is walking with Cameron to the park to play basketball.

When Cameron first started talking (a long while ago) I was really worried because he would never put two words together. I just knew that we would have some speech problems. Well, as a teacher, I should of known that time was the best solution, especially when he has my talking genes! My little boy is a talking fool and the things that comes out of his mouth keep Josh and I laughing each day.

So without making you wait anymore (as I am sure you are on pins and needles), here is a list of Cameron sayings, along with a few conversations that we have recently had with our little man.

A List of the Top Eleven Cameron Sayings:

1. "But I wake up morning" (we can only gather this to mean that he doesn't want to go to bed because he already woke up in the morning, other than that, we have no idea!!)

2. "Mommy (or any adult name), no say ya." (We have been trying to break him of saying 'ya' when he answers a question, so I guess he hears it a lot)

3. "Oh, be careful honey" (probably my favorite although he does not say it much anymore)

4. "I happy (or sad or sick)" (we think he got this from watching so much Thomas the Train that and that he is really paying attention to their facial expressions)

5. "Oh, I get Diesel for mistmas" (or any other toy, as he really enjoyed Christmas this year and I don't think has realized that Christmas is over)

6. "All Aboard" (he shouts this with one little hand covering his cheek, oh so cute!)

7. "I big brother" (he seems really excited about Cade's arrival)

8. "I got a Cade too" as he lifts his shirt and points to his belly. (I don't know how I am going to explain to him how Cade got out of my tummy and is he going to actually expect to have a Cade too?)

9. "Mommy, I ready dinner." (as if I'm not cooking fast enough for him)

10. "I love you bye" (all in one breath and I don't know why he tacks on the bye at the end, but he always does)

11. "I need my mamma tass" (Mamma being his blanky and tass being his pacifier) Side note: It makes it really hard when you are going through the store and he is pouting for his 'mamma' and I'm telling him "No Cameron, you can't have your mamma". I can only imagine what strangers are thinking.

Some conversations overhead between Cameron and a lucky adult:

Recently with mommy:
Cameron: "Mommy, I go Chucky Cheese"
Mommy: "Oh Cameron, maybe we can go with Mamma or Daddy Mike, but not right now."
Cameron: (sitting in his car seat, leaning forward with hands in the air) "What are you talking about mommy?"

Recently with Daddy:
Cameron: "Oh I go see Christmas lights with Mamma, Daddy Mike, Riley, Jace."
Daddy: "That's right Cameron, you all went to see lights in the park."
Cameron: "Daddy, I see Eskimos."
Daddy: "Really Cameron, you saw Eskimos?"
Cameron: "Ah, I just kiddin Daddy" (with a huge grin on his face)

Recently with Mimi (Dawn's mom):
Mimi: "Cameron, look at Mimi's finger, I hurt it"
Cameron: "Oh Mimi. Mommy need to kiss it?"

There are so many fun moments that we have with this little guy and this post does not do Cameron's sense of humor justice. I know that there is much more to add, but I just had to document some of the things that come out of his mouth on a daily basis!

(And what post is complete without a picture?!!?)

Friday, January 9, 2009

29 Weeks...the countdown is here!!

Well, Cade is growing...and growing a little too fast for mommy! All of a sudden, I feel pregnant! I'm having a hard time breathing, because Cade has made himself cozy right in my lungs, and it is getting hard to find a comfy position to sleep in at night. And boy can this little man kick! I really don't remember Cameron moving around as much as Cade does, but I must have bruising on the inside!! And every time Cade kicks me, Cameron says 'No Cade, be nice mommy'. Oh what brotherly love!!

On a side note, I am so happy because my doctor returned from maternity leave and I finally got to see her. I really did not like my other two (yes I had two doctors because I just didn't click with my first one) and I am so happy to have Dr. Harrell back! She has delivered three of us from my school, so I almost feel like she is family. Now, lets just pray she is on call when Cade decides to make his way into this world!!

Josh and I got to have another ultrasound after Christmas. Cade had grown so much and I really think he looks like Cameron. Josh says I'm crazy and really can't tell by the black and white ultrasound picture, but I really think I am right. The ultrasound tech said everything was great and Dr. Harrell backed her up at my last appointment. It is just good to hear that my body is doing what it supposed to do...make a healthy baby!!

Cameron talks about Cade all of the time and says he wants to play trains with him, give him a bottle, and take a bath with him. I really think he is excited, but we will see once Cade gets here!

We are preparing fast over here in Aggieland. The guest bedroom is slowly being changed in to a guest/nursery. Cameron has moved into his big boy bed (more to come later) and I think I have gathered most of Cade's bedding. At some point, we will gather all of Cameron's baby essentials (the swing, bouncer, etc.) from the attic. I just can't believe he is so close to making his appearance into this world! Hurry up!

Christmas 2008...1021 miles!!

Christmas this year was eventful, tiring, and so entertaining!! Our Christmas was spent traveling...A LOT!!! Next year will be different (although I say that every year). Josh and I are just really blessed with a lot of family that wants to see us over the holidays. O.k...maybe they really want to see Cameron, but I like to think it is me that they want to celebrate with!

Our celebration started on December 23rd at Josh's parents. We enjoyed a yummy dinner of steak and shrimp. Sharon's house is beautiful at Christmas and always gets me in the holiday spirit.

Sharon's Christmas Tree

Mamma, Daddy Mike, Riley, Jace and Cameron

Look at these two CrAzY cousins!! (Jace found a red marker and Cameron looks like he is trying to poop)

After dinner, Mike read the story of Jesus' birth to the kiddos and the kids help put together the nativity scene. It was about the neatest thing I have seen and was so special. We have decided that this will be an annual tradition. And even better, our nativity scene had three baby Jesus' because all of the kids wanted one! (side note...Cameron and his Mamma were out and about at Wal-mart over the holidays and Cameron saw a small baby Jesus. He wanted it really bad and Sharon said that she couldn't say no to Jesus, so, now she has an extra baby Jesus for her nativity)
Daddy Mike reading to the kiddos

The kids with THEIR navity scene
After the wonderful story, we all got together and played children friendly games, including 'Pop Your Opponents Balloon' and 'Hot Potato'. Cameron enjoyed hot potato so much (watch the video) and was really happy that he won the balloon game (all the kiddos won).

After game playing, it was time to open presents. Cameron wasn't much into this at first, but once he opened his new Percy train (which he talked about all Christmas), he was really excited about Christmas. While Riley and Jace were busy opening presents, Cameron sat and looked over the Thomas pamphlet that came with his new train. It was too cute.

Cameron with his new bridge and trains.

What Cameron did while everyone opened presents

Cameron tucked away sleeping with his new 'Bill'

The kiddos went to bed, and the adults went to work on putting together their new John Deer Gator. The next morning, the kids woke to the new Gator in the living room and really enjoyed driving each other around. Well, maybe Mamma and Daddy Mike enjoyed chasing them in the Gator (Cameron hasn't mastered steering just yet!!).

Cameron on the new John Deer Gator (Mamma and Daddy Mike are driving)
Oh, and I would personally like to thank Mamma and Daddy Mike for this...

This toy has now been hidden!!

On Christmas Eve, Santa made an early stop at our house. Cameron was super pumped and Santa was really good to him. He got some new trains for his train set which he got so excited about.

Cameron showing off his new train from Santa

We left that night and headed to our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at my great aunts house in San Antonio (the 1021 mile trip began). We have had Christmas Eve at her house for as long as I can remember. But, this night, after the festivities, we headed back to Austin so that we could have Christmas morning at my parent's house. We woke up early and opened tons of fun presents. Cameron really enjoyed his new power wheeled four wheeler, and once again, the adults had to help with the steering...although I don't think Mimi and Pops minded too much! The morning was not complete without our pigs-n-the-blanket breakfast and watching The Polar Express (which has become Cameron's favorite movie).

Cameron's new four wheeler

The Sissell/Newton family

Cameron and his Mimi

We stayed their until mid-morning and then headed back to San Antonio for more food and more present opening. Cameron was spoiled once again and truly enjoyed showing off all of his Thomas stuff. My CrAzY family with a massage train...I did enjoy this though!!

On December 26th, we left San Antonio and headed for Rochester...not New York, but Texas. Rochester is a small town near Abiline. Josh's Papa lives there and we continued our Christmas celebration with Josh's family. Finally, on December 28th we made our way back home...AND STAYED PUT!!! I barely wanted to do 'after Christmas shopping'...but couldn't resist a shopping trip back to Austin and San Marcos. More to come on that later. Needless to say , we were a bit tired after 1021 miles of driving!

Anyways, I know this post is late, but I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed your family time as much as the Newton's did theirs!!