Friday, January 23, 2009

A Simple Thank You

My sis-in-law (who has a great new blog by the way...) sent me this website to send President Bush a simple thank you. It is seriously one click away. Regardless of your political views, he did aide in keeping us safe during his presidency. Maybe we should take the time to thank him? Click here if you want to send G.W. a thank you!


katie newton said...

WOW!! Thanks for the shout out!! :):):) You seriously rock for helping me get into the blogging world- Jordan says thank you too. :)

Charlie's MOM said...

Ok, hopefully this is the Dawn Newton with mother-in-law Sharon that I taught with at SWV?! It just has to be. Don't ask how I found you...I've been looking through blogs on my lunch break today. I've got a girl coming 3/09 to go with Charlie born 4/07. Check us out at

Cal and Sarah said...

that's so neat thanks for sharing!!