Monday, January 19, 2009


I have been wanting to post this for quite some time now and am so glad to finally find the opportunity to sit down and write this...thanks to Mimi who is walking with Cameron to the park to play basketball.

When Cameron first started talking (a long while ago) I was really worried because he would never put two words together. I just knew that we would have some speech problems. Well, as a teacher, I should of known that time was the best solution, especially when he has my talking genes! My little boy is a talking fool and the things that comes out of his mouth keep Josh and I laughing each day.

So without making you wait anymore (as I am sure you are on pins and needles), here is a list of Cameron sayings, along with a few conversations that we have recently had with our little man.

A List of the Top Eleven Cameron Sayings:

1. "But I wake up morning" (we can only gather this to mean that he doesn't want to go to bed because he already woke up in the morning, other than that, we have no idea!!)

2. "Mommy (or any adult name), no say ya." (We have been trying to break him of saying 'ya' when he answers a question, so I guess he hears it a lot)

3. "Oh, be careful honey" (probably my favorite although he does not say it much anymore)

4. "I happy (or sad or sick)" (we think he got this from watching so much Thomas the Train that and that he is really paying attention to their facial expressions)

5. "Oh, I get Diesel for mistmas" (or any other toy, as he really enjoyed Christmas this year and I don't think has realized that Christmas is over)

6. "All Aboard" (he shouts this with one little hand covering his cheek, oh so cute!)

7. "I big brother" (he seems really excited about Cade's arrival)

8. "I got a Cade too" as he lifts his shirt and points to his belly. (I don't know how I am going to explain to him how Cade got out of my tummy and is he going to actually expect to have a Cade too?)

9. "Mommy, I ready dinner." (as if I'm not cooking fast enough for him)

10. "I love you bye" (all in one breath and I don't know why he tacks on the bye at the end, but he always does)

11. "I need my mamma tass" (Mamma being his blanky and tass being his pacifier) Side note: It makes it really hard when you are going through the store and he is pouting for his 'mamma' and I'm telling him "No Cameron, you can't have your mamma". I can only imagine what strangers are thinking.

Some conversations overhead between Cameron and a lucky adult:

Recently with mommy:
Cameron: "Mommy, I go Chucky Cheese"
Mommy: "Oh Cameron, maybe we can go with Mamma or Daddy Mike, but not right now."
Cameron: (sitting in his car seat, leaning forward with hands in the air) "What are you talking about mommy?"

Recently with Daddy:
Cameron: "Oh I go see Christmas lights with Mamma, Daddy Mike, Riley, Jace."
Daddy: "That's right Cameron, you all went to see lights in the park."
Cameron: "Daddy, I see Eskimos."
Daddy: "Really Cameron, you saw Eskimos?"
Cameron: "Ah, I just kiddin Daddy" (with a huge grin on his face)

Recently with Mimi (Dawn's mom):
Mimi: "Cameron, look at Mimi's finger, I hurt it"
Cameron: "Oh Mimi. Mommy need to kiss it?"

There are so many fun moments that we have with this little guy and this post does not do Cameron's sense of humor justice. I know that there is much more to add, but I just had to document some of the things that come out of his mouth on a daily basis!

(And what post is complete without a picture?!!?)