Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Sweet, Sweet Boy

I have to share this sweet moment that we caught Cameron doing last night.

Every Monday, his Mamma picks him up from Ms. Paula's house. They always play and have a grand time!! Last night, Josh and I went to pick Cameron up. When we got there, he was pushing a doll stroller around with one of Riley's baby dolls, which is named Baby Josh. He was so proud...his dad, not so much! But, we let it slide (and this isn't the first time that he wanted to play with the doll).

Anyways, as the adults were talking, I noticed that Cameron had found himself a nice, cozy seat in Mamma's rocking chair with baby Josh. Then, the best of all, he was singing 'Jesus Loves Me' to his baby. After the song, he held baby Josh's hand and they said their prayers. It was so sweet to hear 'Dear God' come out of his little mouth.

He was following our night time routine and I was so happy to spy in on his special moment, even if he was playing with a doll. Whenever he 'pretends' he hates for any of us to see, so you should of seen all of us adults peeking around the corner at this sweet sight.

Oh, I love moments like this! Now, if I could just gotten a picture?!?!?!


Emily said...

isn't it so nice to see that you are doing the right thing, and that they are actually learning from you! what sweet moments, he'll be a good big brother!