Friday, January 30, 2009

A School Story

So excuse me as I venture away from our family blog for a moment and share a sweet thing I saw at school today.

Our school has really been focusing on math this year, so as part of our 'Math Initiative', our Math Specialist has put up an interactive math bulletin board for the school. She has put activities on their such as 'List things that come in pairs' or 'Tell me about the Number ___'. The point of the board is to at some point have your students answer the question and then put their answers on the board for all to see.

Well, this six weeks, the activity is to list things that are possible and then list things that are impossible. Here is what the board looks like:
I was wondering what kind of responses we would get and then there, right in the middle of the 'possible' side is this:
Is that not so sweet? Probably not the exact answer the Math Specialist was looking for, but I mean.... duh? I think this little boy got it right and helped bring a smile to my face!


Chris said...

oh my gosh!! that is so cool!! i love that- and what a proud parent I would be if that were my little kiddo. Thanks for sharing!!! :):)

katie newton said...

I have no idea why it says my name is Chris?? This is KATIE! :)

Cal and Sarah said...

Oh I love that story - so sweet!