Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Aunt has a new 'ass'

O.k., first off I am not cussing. I have parent's of my students who read this blog, and the title has nothing to do with a cuss word. I just couldn't resist.

I had the best laugh today thanks to my Aunt Debbie. As some of you know, Debbie and Mark live in Cotulla, down in South Texas on their ranch. It is a great place to hang out with family, and even better, Cameron really loves it down there.

Better yet, Debbie and Mark have a donkey named Miss Katie. She is like part of the family as she loves to join my grandma for her morning coffee sometimes up on the front porch. And, I would like to add that it has added for some confusion in my little family, as my sister-in-law and Cameron's aunt, is also named Katie. In no way am I referring to Aunt Katie as a donkey, but Cameron does look at Miss Katie a little weird sometimes!! Thanks Katie for a being a sport about that!

Anyways, this is the e-mail I received from Aunt Debbie today:

It is with great excitement that Mark and I announcement the birth of a new member to our family. Our "ass," Katie had another little baby ass. Mom and baby are doing well. She had him/her out in the pasture so we had to load him/her on the back of our huntin' truck and proceed slowyback to the barn...Katie was in hot persuit. She is really a great mom. At first we couldn't get very close...she would head us off at the pass...but now we can actually pet him/her (I really need to take a good look down there). The dogs are really curious too! Katie will only let them get so close before she takes off after them.

He/she was born sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning. We haven't picked out a name yet...I guess we really need to find out the sex first.

And of course, what would this post be without a picture of Debbie's new ass?!?!?

Congrats Debbie and Mark on the new addition to your family! May Miss Katie's lil one be spoiled rotten like you spoil my lil one!