Monday, January 19, 2009

Cade's New Bed

I am so excited because Cade has a new crib!! We had no intention what-so-ever in buying Cade a new bed, as Cameron's crib was just fine. And since Cameron has now moved into a big boy bed (more on that later), we could just use his bed for Cade's. Well, after doing some research (and b/c my sis-in-law pointed it out to me), I realized that Cameron's crib had a recall on it. Luckily, this meant that we just had to send in a few screws from his crib and they would send us a voucher for new crib...and viola, Cade now is the proud owner of a brand new crib.

Sharon, Cameron and I headed to the Woodland's today to pick out his new bed, and we came home with the one pictured below, in espresso. I can't wait to see it all put together and in his room. I have his bedding all picked out (which will be sort of like a Tiffany blue and white) and now it is just a matter of cleaning out the guest bedroom/computer room and making it into a nursery/guest room. How this furniture will all fit, I may never know, but it just has to work.

Anyways, it was an exciting day for Mr. Cade and he doesn't even know it!! I will post pics of his room once we get it all put together!

And did you know that Cade's arrival is a short 8 1/2 weeks away!?!?! Where did the time go?


Julie said...

What kind of crib did Cameron have?