Thursday, June 25, 2009


I just love this picture. It totally shows each of their personalities...

Cameron--a little crazy, so much fun, wild, a great big brother.

Cade---cool, calm, and collected (unless he is in the car, that is a whole other picture), happy, loves his big brother

I just hope that this love for each other continues...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The cutest little face...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cameron's Big Party

The Birthday Boy:

Last Sunday, Cameron celebrated his 3rd birthday. We decided to go 'low key' this year, with just celebrating with the family. Of course, 'low key' never really becomes 'low key', right? We had 4 pools, 200+ water balloons, a pinata, pepperoni rolls, a game of hot potato, lots of presents, and to top off a great day, a Cranky the Crane ice-cream cake.

Cameron told me months ago that he wanted a Cranky the Crane cake. How in the world was I going to make this? I pondered for months. (remember last year, I made his cake...) About a week before the celebration, I decided that I would let Maggie Moo's make the cake, and boy was it yummy!! They did a great job designing it (better than I could of imagined!) and we really enjoyed eating it! It was a great end to a HOT summer day!

Cameron is a very lucky little boy, and I don't think he quite knows it just yet. He celebrated with some awesome family that celebrated in the heat of the day (Daddy Mike even took a trip down the slip in slide). Thank you all who celebrated with us...we really appreciate you making our boy feel so special.

Enjoy these pictures from the big day.

What Cameron woke up to early Sunday morning:

Enjoying his pinata:

What Daddies do with pinatas:

Who got more?!?!

The best pic of the cake I got:

Cade was there for the party:

A True Party Animal:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Sissell

Meet the Bride (Erin):

Meet the Groom (Dennis):

The Mom's:
The Dad's:

The Groomsman: The Bridesmaids:

The Best Man (Blake):

The Maid of Honor (Kim):

The Adorable ring bearer and flower girl:

And last but not least, the NEW MR. & MRS. SISSELL:

I want to tell you the story of two adorable people who fell in love and got married. Yes, my little brother is officially married. It is crazy to think that he is old enough to have a Mrs.!! Some of these pictures were taken by their two photographers, who can be found here and here. They did an amazing job!

Let's begin with the rehearsal dinner.

We began the evening with the rest of the wedding party rehearsing the big day. Erin and Dennis picked a beautiful location for the wedding at Red Corral Ranch in Wimberly, TX. We were a little worried about the heat, but it turned out to be perfect. The big oak trees and occasional breezes helped us brave the hot day! My mom and dad hosted a wonderful rehearsal dinner at the ranch (on location at the Big Red Barn). We had a fun evening of yummy BBQ, a great video, speeches, and lots of laughter. Once that party was over, the groom and his boys headed to their cabin for the evening, as the bride and her gal pals headed back to the main house. We were all in anticipation of the big day!

Going to the chappel...

We spent the entire day getting ready for the 6:00 wedding. Erin was absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown and Dennis looked very handsome! Before the big event, we all took some pictures, cried a little, took some more pictures, cried a little more, waited, and waited...and finally the big moment was here. I will let the pictures tell the story.

Congrats Dennis and Erin!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lots and lots of pics

I can finally check off one of the items on my summer to do list...get pictures updated to Shutterfly.

This past year, I have been really bad about updating our pictures to shutterfly. I just uploaded about 20 albums to our family website. So, if you are bored (say at a ranch in Cotulla, TX...) and have some extra time on your hands, check it out.

Grandparents...I expect you to look at all of the albums. I did this for you too!!

Our Family Pictures on Shutterfly


Sunday, June 14, 2009

"I don't wanna be 3..."

Well, it is official, my little Cameron is three years old today! When you tell him that today he is three, he replies with:

"I don't wanna be 3, I wanna be 4!!"

Well, I don't want him to be 3, or 4, I want him to stay 2!! He is growing up way to fast! Josh and I are so lucky to have such a sweet, sweet boy. We have so much fun with him daily and he truly helps us laugh every day. I am amazed at the things that come out of his mouth each day...if I could only see what was going on in his head.

Happy Birthday Cameron. Mommy and Daddy love you so!!

Dear 3 Year Old Boy,

We can't believe you are three today. We can both still remember the day you were born as if it were yesterday. The anticipation leading up to that day was gut wrenching. It was as if it would never come. And now, we could of never, ever imagined how much joy you would bring the both of us! Where is time going?

You amaze us each day. We have SO much fun with you playing Thomas, wrestling on the floor, watching your MANY shows, playing in your shark pool, eating popsicles on the back of the truck at night, giving you your baths, reading bed time stories...and so, so much more. Your imagination is really coming in to play right now. You love to watch a movie and then pretend you are that character. You make up your own songs and even have your own language that only you understand (well and sometimes your cousin Jace). You are starting to get an opinion about many things (what you want to wear, what you want for dinner, what jibitz you want on your crocs...) and I think it is preparing us for what is to come.

Your best friend is by far your Daddy. And you ask him daily, "you my friend daddy?". The two of you have so much fun together and you are definitely daddy's little helper. Anywhere daddy is, you are usually right beside him. You love to meet him at the door each night when he comes home from work. You can make him melt with your sweet "I love you daddy's" that come from nowhere.

You are such a sweet brother to Cade. You constantly give him your 'mama' when he is sad to comfort him. It is so sweet how you even find the satin edge of your blanket (your favorite part) and put it in his hands. When Cade cries in the car, you usually sing him songs (your favorite is Jesus loves Me). You had about one day of jealousy when Cade came home. You are so patient with him. I know that the two of you will be best buds one day.

You are definitely a momma's boy, and your momma loves it! Anytime you get hurt (even the littlest thing) you come get a kiss from mommy. You say it makes you feel better. In the mornings or nap when I go in to wake you up, you always make me lay down with you, you put your arm around me and say "I just love you mommy". Melts my heart every time. I really appreciate you making me laugh everyday when it is just me, you, and Cade. There is never a dull moment thanks to you!

We hope that this next year brings you much fun and laughter. We hope you continue to love life the way we love having you in ours! Enjoy your special day!

Mommy and Daddy

p.s. pics of the big party to come later!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I had to write about this tonight...

We were headed to the local neighborhood pool so Cameron could go sliding down the clam slide that he has been begging to go down for a week now. So, Josh and I pack up the kids, head to Little Ceasar's for the $5.99 Hot and Ready pizza for dinner (yes, very nutritious), and take turns with Cameron in the pool so the other adult can watch Cade.

I am sitting next to a nice, old (yes, she was old) lady with her grandson, holding Cade. We began talking. She admires my children, and then asks me how old my little baby was. I reply with '11 weeks'. And she replies with "Oh my, SHE is so big for 11 weeks. Exactly how much does SHE weigh?" Let my explain, Cade has:

**Blue onesie---check
**Blue pacifier---check
**Blue blanket---check
**A big brother that keeps running from the pool saying "Hey brother"

I don't know why this bothered me!! I know, I know...get over it right? But I know that looking at a newborn can be quite confusing, but give me a break, I do everything I can to cover this kid in blue.

But not only that, she nearly chokes on her words when talking about how big my baby is! The kid likes to eat, what can I say? And seriously, he isn't that big!! He looks very normal, and healthy.

Some people. I know she probably meant nothing by what she said, it just struck a nerve with me. I will get over it...thanks for letting me vent!

Comparing my boys

Cade after his two month check up, in a navy onesie on the boppy...

Cameron after his two month check up, in the same navy onesie, and on the boppy.

I love comparing their photos! I really think after looking at these photos that they don't look much alike, but I swear there are times that Cade looks just like Cameron. So, my conclusion...Cade looks a little like Cameron, but a lot like Cade!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Oh goodness...

What is going on with my

This is what happens when Mommy steps in the shower for two minutes. Believe it or not, he walked around the house in those heals!! Josh will hate me for posting this...


Well, at 11 weeks and 1 day, Cade did it...


Cade went to sleep at 9:30 p.m. and woke up at 8:15 a.m.!! I had to get up once to give him his pacifier at 5:30 a.m., and he went right back to sleep!

We were at my mom and dad's house this weekend for my brother's wedding and Cade slept a little longer each night. Saturday night, Josh's parents took Cade so Josh and I could enjoy the wedding reception and Sharon said he slept right through the night. It is funny because Cameron slept through the night the first time after a long weekend away from home. True brothers...

Now, if this continues, trust me, I will love it. But there is something bittersweet about them sleeping through the night. I hate getting up, but if I have to get up, is there any better way to spend your time? It is great just getting to sit there and feed him, and hold him, and many times fall back to sleep with him. It is just mommy and Cade time. Then, they grow up to be three year olds, and they don't need their mommy at night anymore. You get more sleep, yes, but your special time is taken away. Now I need a tissue...

Congrats Cade on making it through this milestone!