Thursday, June 11, 2009


I had to write about this tonight...

We were headed to the local neighborhood pool so Cameron could go sliding down the clam slide that he has been begging to go down for a week now. So, Josh and I pack up the kids, head to Little Ceasar's for the $5.99 Hot and Ready pizza for dinner (yes, very nutritious), and take turns with Cameron in the pool so the other adult can watch Cade.

I am sitting next to a nice, old (yes, she was old) lady with her grandson, holding Cade. We began talking. She admires my children, and then asks me how old my little baby was. I reply with '11 weeks'. And she replies with "Oh my, SHE is so big for 11 weeks. Exactly how much does SHE weigh?" Let my explain, Cade has:

**Blue onesie---check
**Blue pacifier---check
**Blue blanket---check
**A big brother that keeps running from the pool saying "Hey brother"

I don't know why this bothered me!! I know, I know...get over it right? But I know that looking at a newborn can be quite confusing, but give me a break, I do everything I can to cover this kid in blue.

But not only that, she nearly chokes on her words when talking about how big my baby is! The kid likes to eat, what can I say? And seriously, he isn't that big!! He looks very normal, and healthy.

Some people. I know she probably meant nothing by what she said, it just struck a nerve with me. I will get over it...thanks for letting me vent!


Emily said...

I totally understand the feeling, people call Caroline a boy allthe time even with bows in her hair and pink head to toe, some people just aren't very observent.

katie newton said...

I am laughing out loud right now. Thank you. Oh, we had the $5.99 pizza lastnight too!!! :)