Friday, January 9, 2009

29 Weeks...the countdown is here!!

Well, Cade is growing...and growing a little too fast for mommy! All of a sudden, I feel pregnant! I'm having a hard time breathing, because Cade has made himself cozy right in my lungs, and it is getting hard to find a comfy position to sleep in at night. And boy can this little man kick! I really don't remember Cameron moving around as much as Cade does, but I must have bruising on the inside!! And every time Cade kicks me, Cameron says 'No Cade, be nice mommy'. Oh what brotherly love!!

On a side note, I am so happy because my doctor returned from maternity leave and I finally got to see her. I really did not like my other two (yes I had two doctors because I just didn't click with my first one) and I am so happy to have Dr. Harrell back! She has delivered three of us from my school, so I almost feel like she is family. Now, lets just pray she is on call when Cade decides to make his way into this world!!

Josh and I got to have another ultrasound after Christmas. Cade had grown so much and I really think he looks like Cameron. Josh says I'm crazy and really can't tell by the black and white ultrasound picture, but I really think I am right. The ultrasound tech said everything was great and Dr. Harrell backed her up at my last appointment. It is just good to hear that my body is doing what it supposed to do...make a healthy baby!!

Cameron talks about Cade all of the time and says he wants to play trains with him, give him a bottle, and take a bath with him. I really think he is excited, but we will see once Cade gets here!

We are preparing fast over here in Aggieland. The guest bedroom is slowly being changed in to a guest/nursery. Cameron has moved into his big boy bed (more to come later) and I think I have gathered most of Cade's bedding. At some point, we will gather all of Cameron's baby essentials (the swing, bouncer, etc.) from the attic. I just can't believe he is so close to making his appearance into this world! Hurry up!


Cal and Sarah said...

Love the name! Enjoy getting prepared for your little one, I can't wait to see pictures of Cameron with his baby brother :)