Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sad Days for Dawn

Well, I am sad to say that my summer is officially over!! Cameron started back at Ms. Paula's house yesterday. Although he absolutely LOVES going there, I find it hard to 'let him go'. Things I will miss about spending all day with the Cam-man:

1. Waking up and hearing 'Mommy, are you?'
2. Walking into his room first thing in the morning and hearing in the most cheerful voice 'Hi Mommy'.
3. Trucking my little two year old all around the B/CS to find fun ways to keep him entertained.
4. Hearing him count with Sesame Street in the morning while eating his breakfast.
5. Him banging on the door when I am in the shower saying, 'Towel mommy?'. (for some reason he thinks he should bring me a towel although he never has!)
6. Putting him down for a nap. I love this time because he is so sweet and says 'I love you' about five times before I finally walk out the door.
7. Eating at Chick-fil-a with him! He loves that place, and I have to say it ain't that bad either!
8. We spent a lot of time at Target this summer, so him getting so excited when I said 'let's go to Target!' For some reason he thinks that Target is the only place that has Thomas books!
9. Our fun outings of Kindermusic, Bounce, and the Children's Museum! How entertaining those things were for me too!
10. Just being with him!!

Now, although it is quite sad that summer is over, I have to say that I love my job and love being with adults again. So these are some of the things I WON'T miss (the list is much shorter):

1. Playing Thomas. I can do that in the evenings now!
2. Hearing Thomas music all day long! Thank you mom for introducing Cameron to all of the Thomas songs!
3. Making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Paula cooks Cameron very nutritious meals and now I am just in charge of dinner!!

So yes, I am at school right now, working hard! (yeah right...) Summer time is the biggest perk of being a teacher! And being able to spend your summer with your wonderful two year old is one of the biggest perks of being a mom!

Dawn :)

p.s. I have to say that it has been a little easier to get back to work since we are about to get pounded with rain from Tropical Storm Edouard and that I am little sick too! Cameron would go crazy if we had to actually stay inside!!