Monday, July 28, 2008

Who will read all of this?

First off, let me apologize for the long post, but as you can see (and I am sure all of you have been anxiously waiting) it has been awhile since my last post. I am determined to be a good blogger, but Cameron and I have been out of town and quite busy for a while. Thank you Grant for asking for a new post. You truly made my day.

So, to catch all of you up, Cameron and I have spent a weekend in Sugarland, a few days in San Antonio, had a visit from Mimi, been two a two year old birthday party, had a visit from BeBee (my Aunt Debbie), and somehow continued our normal summer routine of Kindermusic, Target visits, Children's Musuem, swimming and so much more.

Our first getaway was to Sugarland to visit my family that I hadn't seen in two years. In those two years, we have added four great grandchildren to the family! It was so much fun to visit with my cousin Lynnie and her three children. I love catching up! My mom and I went to Sugarland on Saturday and after Lynnie and her husband Michael dominated in Wii bowling and tennis, we headed over to my Aunt Di's house for a backyard swim and bbq. We had all of the cousins together and although it was loud, it was so much fun! Here are some pictures from our super fun weekend...

Cameron & Mimi at Aunt Di's House:

All of the Cousins and their children:

After our trip to Sugarland, Cameron and I headed to San Antonio to visit my Grandma, or as Cameron likes to call her, Gigi. (We say the G-g stands for 'gamblin' grandma as my grandma will jump on any chance she has to get on a bus for Louisiana to go gambling!) Cameron loves going to Gigi's house and especially loved it this trip because my Aunt Debbie came also. Of course they both took Cameron to the toy aisle at Wal-Mart and loaded him up on Thomas the Train and Cars toys. The boy is spoiled. We enjoyed hanging out at Grandma's house (and watching lots of Game Show Network) and Grandma's cooking, but the best part of the trip was the train ride that Cameron got go on and the rides at the Kiddie Park. These are just some of the pictures from our trip to Gigi's house...

Cameron 'flying':

Gigi and Bebee looking on:

Cameron holding on for dear life to Bebee's coke:

Cameron's first bite of Gigi's yummy chocolate cake:

After we left San Antonio on Saturday, my Aunt Debbie came back to College Station with us. Since they have moved to the ranch, Debbie likes to come 'into town' for shopping and of course Outback, her favorite restaurant. We have been twice! Yummy! She is out shopping right now while I stay at home with the sleeping two year old. I let her loose with the map of Aggieland and some of the best places to shop. (Not much to choose from, but better than her home town of Cotulla, TX). Since we have been home, Debbie was lucky to get to go with us to cousin Jace's second birthday party. The best part of the day was the huge water slide they set up in the back yard. Cameron was scared to go down at first, but as soon as Daddy Mike literally threw him down the slide, he was scared no more!! It was great to see how happy he was going down the slide!!

Cameron and Bebee before bed time:

Cameron enjoying Jace's birthday slide:

And as far as our other summer activities go, we have been quite busy. We attend Kindermusic every Wednesday. Cameron loves singing with the other two year olds, and I get a little weirded out when a class of boys is supposed to dance with scarves. Luckily, my little boy just jumps on top of the scarves. That is a little more manly to me!! We have our weekly swimming dates with some teachers from my is good for mommy to have some adult time! And most importantly...we have the Children's Museum. Cameron loves to go and play at their Thomas table and paint. It was the best membership we got this summer!! We have also enjoyed hanging out with Riley and Jace this summer. Here are some of the best pictures from this summer:

Cameron painting at the Museum:

Cameron and Jace sharing a plate of food:

Riley giving Cameron some lovin':

Cameron enjoying his corn on the cob:

Cameron and Mimi swinging at the park:

Our lil boy with his sunglasses:
(He says...'Mommy sun eyes, gasses pease')

O.k...if you made it this far, thank you!! Cameron starts back to Paula's house (Cameron's lady that watches him during the day) on Monday. I am so sad that the summer is over. I love hanging out with him all day. That is a whole other post...


Julie said...

Please tell Debbie I said hi! When did they move out to the ranch?College Station has grown A LOT over the years. I used to do some damage there "back in the day" when I was at Blinn in Brenham so I'm sure she's in shopping heaven!

Glad you've had a fun summer! When do you go back to school?

Melissa Darst said...

I loved reading this post - my favorite was the part about little boys dancing with scarves:) I can't believe I've never met Cameron - we have GOT to change that and get our boys together!!

Lynn Masters said...

You forgot to mention that you dominated to Wii as well - I have pictures to prove it!

Grant said...

well done! :)

Cameron is hilarious.