Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lake Whitney Fun

Last weekend, Josh, Cameron, and I went to Lake Whitney near Waco with some friends of mine from school. They have a lake house that was absolutely perfect! We celebrated the weekend with all of our kiddos (4 in all) and the adults (3 couples). The house was right on the lake with a huge deck and most importantly...a hot tub!! We didn't turn the heat on in the hot tub on all weekend, the kids just enjoyed the bubbles and the water!

The most fun of the weekend was spent on the boat. This was Cameron's first trip on a boat and he was so excited! I really had to work on him before we left to make sure that he was comfortable with getting on the boat. He knew that he had to wear his life jacket (or 'kaket' as he called it) and that he had to be nice. (And really, when you tell him to be nice to everyone, he really listens and is always on his best manners!!) Cameron was the first kiddo (with an adult of course) on the tube. He hated getting on the tube the first time with Josh, so mommy thought she would try with him. Yes, I got a tube even though I fear falling in the water. I soon realized that it wasn't the tube that Cameron hated, but that he thought the boat was leaving us. I don't think he understood why we couldn't catch up to the boat. He never really got that we were attached to the boat! After all of the kids had their turns on the tube, we took Cameron back to the shore where he enjoyed throwing rocks in the water. I never realized how much joy rock throwing brings children!! I think he could of done that all weekend.

All in all, it was a great weekend and we really enjoyed spending the time with some of our dearest friends. The kids got along great, we ate some great food, and enjoyed some 'festive' beverages! We can't wait to be invited back next year...hint hint Holly!

Here are some pictures from the weekend ( pictures on the boat!):

Our view from the deck:

Cameron and Gunner:

Corbin and Chase:

Some hot tub swimmin':