Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Date Night

Dinner. Bowling. Ice Cream. Perfect evening!

What a great date night Josh, Cameron, and I had last night. As we sat around yesterday, Josh asked if I wanted to go bowling later. What a great idea! I knew that Cameron would love it too!!

After dinner at Pei Wei, we headed for the bowling alley. Cameron got the smallest ball they had...a six pounder! (I thought that was a little too heavy for such a little guy!). Cameron absolutely loved bowling! He was so good and waited his turn. He would just sit in the chair and say 'Daddy turn', 'Mommy turn', 'Pamen (Cameron) turn'. If he could of carried that ball, he would of! Josh and I would help in carry it up to the line and he would push (we had to give it an 'adult sized' push so it would eventually make it down the lane). He would say 'fast, fast' and run back to the ball return for his next turn. He never really got into watching the pins fall, just pushing the ball. The cutest had to be watching him carry the ball and seeing his little tongue stick out as if it were really heavy and he was really concentrating!

Now, for the even better part of the evening...and pardon me while I brag a little...I bowled my best game ever!! At total score of 148 and beating both of the boys! Go Mommy! Strike, spare, spare, strike...that was the pattern for the evening. Boast over!

To end the evening, Josh took us to Sonic for some yummy shakes and a sonic blast! What a perfect Saturday evening!!

Our little bowler:

A little video for your entertainment:

p.s. I had a picture of my perfect bowling game but it got erased...yuck!! I guess you just have to believe me!