Tuesday, July 1, 2008

101 Things About the Newton's

I figured that since we are new to this bloggin' thing that it might be fun for all of you to learn a little more about the good 'ole Newton's. So, here are 101 interesting and fun facts about us...enjoy!

1. We have a WONDERFUL son, Cameron Michael Newton (he had to be #1).
2. We live in Aggieland.
3. We bleed maroon...WHOOP!!
4. Dawn teaches 2nd Grade.
5. She used to teach Kindergarten...for five years!
6. Josh sells insurance. (anyone need some?)
7. He used to sell cars for Toyota.
8. We both drive Toyotas!
9. We love T.V.
10. We love our TIVO!!
11. Our favorite show is LOST.
12. Cameron's favorite show is Thomas (There's two, there's four, there's six, there's eight...)
13. Some other shows we watch: Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Top Chef...the list goes on!
14. Cameron has a wonderful sitter named Paula.
15. Josh has a wonderful 'daddy chair' that Dawn always sits in!
16. Cameron loves to read books in your lap.
17. His favorite books are ones with farm animals.
18. Being a mom is the best job ever.
19. Josh would say that being a dad is the best job ever.
20. Cameron loves bubbles in his bath.
21. Dawn loves to talk on the phone.
22. Josh doesn't.
23. Cameron wears crocs almost everyday.
24. He has a Percy (one of Thomas' friend) and a basketball jibbit.
25. We all hate the morning.
26. Josh loves to watch movies.
27. Dawn just loves sappy movies, like The Notebook.
28. Josh and Dawn have bikes.
29. Cameron has a bike trailor.
30. We love riding bikes, but need to do it more.
31. Dawn just took tennis lessons.
32. She needs more practice, but she loves it!!
33. Josh plays tennis really well!
34. We go to Destin every spring break with Josh's family.
35. Cameron loves the beach!
36. Cameron loves his Mamma and Daddy Mike.
37. He calls his Daddy Mike 'My Mike'...it is really cute!
38. He can do anything he wants when he is at their house!
39. Pops gives Cameron too many popsicles.
40. Mimi likes to give Cameron wagon rides.
41. When Cameron stays at Mimi and Pops' house, the video monitor picks up the neighbor's nursery...pretty entertaining!
42. Dennis, Dawn's brother, lives down the street.
43. We love having him so close!
44. We have a dog named Max.
45. He is a cocker spaniel and he needs a haircut right now.
46. We think he might be losing his eyesight.
47. Cameron loves to chase Max around.
48. Josh and Dawn love to eat cookies and drink milk at night.
49. We need to stop doing that (and go for a bike ride instead!)
50. We wish Cameron knew my Grandpa and Josh's Grandma.
51. Josh is great speller.
52. He will always correct you if you are wrong.
53. Dawn hates cleaning bathrooms (but really, who likes that?)
54. We need to clean out the garage.
55. Dawn wishes she was better at decorating.
56. Josh loves to read.
56. He doesn't read as much as he used too.
57. We live for Aggie Basketball.
58. We also live for Aggie Football.
59. We never have really gotten into Aggie Baseball.
60. Josh's brother, Jordan, and his family are moving a couple of blocks away.
61. We can't wait for play dates at the park.
62. We love being an aunt and uncle to Riley and Jace.
63. Cameron just ran into a wall.
64. He loves for me to kiss his 'boo-boo's'.
65. He also loves vegetables. We love that!
66. Josh snores.
67. Dawn gives him a 'love tap' when he does.
68. We met in a bar called The Hole in the Wall.
69. It is closed now.
70. We were actually set up by my friend Courtney.
71. Our wedding was perfect and so much fun!
72. We love being married.
73. We love to go out to eat.
74. We hate paying for gas!
75. Josh loves to eat ice (as do the rest of his brothers.)
76. It sounds like nails on the chalkboard to Dawn.
77. Some day we want to buy a lake house.
78. Dawn doesn't swim well.
79. Of course I fell over in my tube when we went tubing and some man (who I refer to as my hero) with a canoe saved me. My sister-in-law also came to my rescue!
80. Josh laughed at me!
81. Josh just turned 30.
82. Dawn sang the song 'My Next 30 Years' for a long time around his birthday.
83. Josh loves to download music.
84. Dawn likes to erase what he has downloaded to make room for her music.
85. Cameron loves the song 'Sing, sing a song..' by the Carpenter's. (I don't know the title of the song...)
86. Josh loves to gamble.
87. My Grandma and him love to play poker together.
88. I love that my Grandma loves Josh so much!
89. We love to eat at Chick-fil-a!
90. We always want it on Sundays, but they are closed!
91. We go to A&M Church of Christ.
92. Cameron likes to scream for his Mamma when he goes to church. I think he thinks that seeing Mamma is what church is about.
93. Cameron had jet black hair when he was born.
94. I never thought I would have such a hairy child...luckily it fell off!
95. Josh is a great kitchen cleaner!
96. Dawn loves to hit snooze in the morning.
97. We have a great group of friends in College Station.
98. We switch giving Cameron a bath each night.
99. Josh taught Cameron to spell his name.
100. Sesame Street taught Cameron to count to 10.
101. Cameron is the best kid ever! (We needed to end with him too!)

If you made it to the end...Thank you! I had fun doing this!!


Sam and Courtney said...

Hey Dawn!

I'm glad that you've entered the blogging world so that we can keep up with y'all! I learned some new things about you and Josh! :) I hope y'all are having a good week!