Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween 2008

Yes, the Newton Family did celebrate Halloween. Am I a little late in posting about it? Absolutely!! Sorry...I know you have all been on pins and needles waiting for this post!!

We had a great Halloween with our little French Fry, complete with a ketchup treat bag. At first, Cameron wanted nothing to do with his french fry costume. He really wanted to be a shark (well first it was an elephant, then on to the shark). But, since mommy procrastinated and waited until the last minute to buy a costume, he had to settle on french fries. Actually, I think it has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen (I am not being biased at all!).

We started the night at a Halloween party at Mamma and Daddy Mike's. Sharon can throw one heck of a party for toddlers! It was complete with pin the hat on the scarecrow, musical cushions, pumpkin bowling, eat an apple on a string, and wagon races. Cameron loved the wagon races the best and especially enjoyed his Uncle Dennis being his driver. The best part was when Cameron was laughing so hard that he fell out of the wagon, on to the grass, and got up as fast as he could to try and win the race. His laugh was hysterical and many of the adults thought he was crying. Luckily, Cameron got to do his wagon race again, this time buckled in. We ended the party with hot dogs and yummy roasted marshmallows. Cameron could really care less about eating the marshmallow, he just wanted to watch it catch fire. (mental note...hide the matches when he gets older!) Josh had a little scare when the flaming marshmallow came flying off of Cameron's stick and landed on his shirt. Luckily, Cameron did not catch fire and was just walked away with a burned hole in his shirt...and mommy only freaked out a little bit!

After the super fun Halloween party, we headed over to a friend's house for trick or treating. Cameron really enjoyed this...it only took one house for him to realize that he gets candy at the door. Instead of saying "Trick or Treat", he would say "Candy." Everyone loved his costume and I think it was the hit of the neighborhood. Josh and I enjoyed walking around with Cameron (while he pulled the wagon).

The funny thing about Halloween (and I am sure that this will change) is that Cameron could of cared less about the actual candy...he wanted the prizes! He loved the play dough, crayons, stickers, and pumpkin spoon that he got. So, Josh and I HAD to enjoy the candy. Can't let it go to waste...

Here are some pictures from our evening! Enjoy!

The best lookin' fries in College Station!!

The beginning of the wagon race:

The second wagon race (complete with costumes):

Little French Fry (with ketchup bag) headed to get some good stuff for Mommy and Daddy:

Setting fire to marshmallows (before actually catching on fire):

Cinderella, French Fry, and Aggie football player. (Apparently the football player got hungry after the big game!):

What I watched while trick or treating. My little french fry and his daddy:

Just had to add this cute pic of Uncle Dennis and Cameron. Cameron had so much fun with Dennis at the party!


Emily said...

hey dawn,
of course the post you leave a comment on I look horriable!! your little guy is so cute, do you know what you are having? you look great, the second time around is so much different!! is it alright if I add youto my list?

Emily said...

yes of course!!!

MiMi said...

Oh my goodness - 4/sure the cutest bag of fries around!!