Friday, October 31, 2008

The Newton's go to Sea World!

Josh's friend Tenielle called to see if we wanted to bring the family to San Antonio last weekend for a trip to Sea World. What a great idea...and even better...we got to go with Cameron's cousins, Riley and Jace.

Although the fee was a little outrageous to get in, it was well worth it! Cameron enjoyed himself so much and the kids made it through the entire day with no nap! (A first for Cameron) We couldn't of asked for better kids!! Anyways, here are some pictures from our trip for all to enjoy! (oh, and I had to add some cute videos near the bottom)

First off, Cameron in the only pumpkin patch I took him to this year (thank you Sea World!)

We started the trip off with a good time in Shamu's Harbor. Yes, that is me, preggo and all climbing a huge rope jungle jim.

It was Fright Fest at Sea World...not sure what Cameron thought of it!

Shamu jumping for joy:

Isn't Shamu so cool?

Cameron and his Daddy enjoying the sea lion show:

The family visiting the sharks (sorry I look so was a long day!)

And finally, two videos for you. The first one is of Cameron enjoying the beginning of the Shamu show. I just love how excited he is. You can even hear him say 'get wet'. He was so excited about getting wet, and well, then on to the second video. You can see that the reaction to getting wet isn't exactly what we expected.

Although we had some tears from getting two wet, it was a great trip! I highly reccomend Sea World for a two year old! (plus they get in free!) Believe it or not, but Cameron still did not sleep on the way home! I finally got him to fall asleep at 9:30...way past bed time! Sea World was a great idea and we can't wait to go back again!


Aaron and Andrea said...

This looks like such a fun trip! My nephew Ryan got to go to Sea World not too long ago and he loved it too. 2 year old boys LOVE killer whales...who knew??!!

We sent an invite to Aaron's bday party to you guys via an email to Josh, but I wanted to make sure and let you know about it in case he didn't pass it along! Aaron is bad about passing things along to me that are only emailed to him. :) Hope y'all can get away for a night and join us for the party!