Friday, October 31, 2008

Mom's 50th Birthday Surprise!!

So, my mom's actual birthday was October 7th, but due to weddings and other events we had to put off celebrating until the weekend October 18th. The best part of it all...she had no idea!!

Dennis and I put together a special weekend for mom in San Antonio. I told mom that Cameron, Josh, and I were coming to Austin for my high school reunion. Luckily, she didn't look too much into that as the reunion wasn't until the next weekend and I really had no plans to go! We got to Austin Saturday morning and she immediately went to playing with Cameron. I pulled her away long enough so that I could give her her birthday present. I bought her some new fun luggage. She was excited, but not really until I told her to pack her bags, we were leaving! I knew the exact reaction I would receive..."I'm not going anywhere!" I was prepared for this, and informed her that if she did not in fact leave, Dennis would be out a lot of money (he paid for the hotel that night) and that there were people meeting us there that would have no idea what to do. She still wouldn't' have any of it. So finally, I had to tell her that we were headed to San Antonio for a night on the river walk and that my Aunt Debbie (her sister) was meeting us. She finally packed her bags and off we headed.

Once we got to San Antonio, we pulled up to the Emily Morgan hotel...which was totally cool! It was 12 steps from the entrance to the Alamo and the manager hooked us up with a twelfth story view of the Alamo and downtown San Antonio. We didn't stay in the room long, as the non-preggo women had margaritas to drink! We headed to the Alamo first (for a little sight seeing) and then down to the riverwalk. We walked for a while, but we finally found the restaraunt my mom and Debbie were looking for, Casa Rio. (I think that is the name) Anyways, it is right on the riverwalk. They got their margaritas, I got my coke (hey...I can splurge too!) and we enjoyed nachos and quacamole...our favorite! After going enjoying some laughter and fun, we went for a tour of downtown San Antonio on one of the riverboats. What fun that was!! Then, it was on to another restaraunt, for another margarita (and a virgin daquari for me). Of course we weren't done yet, so we headed for the Tower of America. Instead of paying the $12 fee to go to the lookout deck, we headed to the restaraunt. This was the best part of the entire evening! We enjoyed sunset, appetizers, and laughing and goofing off some more. After that, it was back to the hotel and to bed! What an evening!

The next morning we went down and enjoyed a big breakfast in the hotel and then my grandma asked us to come see her. Now, this was all part of the plan and my mom had no idea. When we finally go to Grandma's house, mom was greeted with a big Happy Birthday sign in the front yard and all of the rest of the family there to celebrate her big day. Grandma made some yummy food and a even better red velvet cake! I think mom had a great time, and overall, was very surprised!

Here are some pictures from the trip!

Our hotel:

Debbie & Mom infront of the Alamo:

Margaritas on the Riverwalk:

Up in the tower:

Mom's Birthday sign:


Anonymous said...

I have such wonderful kiddos!! Thank you both Dee & Dawn! Love you....Mom