Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is it hormones or am I crazy?

Why oh why, when I watch Dancing with Stars did I need this?

So, Josh leaves me at home on Monday night to go watch Monday Night Football. So his guys night turns into a 'sit on the couch by myself and watch Dancing with the Stars' night for me. I make it through the evening until the last dance. Brooke Burke and her partner did a dance to the song Daughters by John Mayer. What a great song, but on top of that, it was really a pretty dance, which leaves me sobbing on the couch by myself. So, if you didn't see it, I 'you tubed' it and found it. I know you may not want to watch the whole thing, so the good part starts at about 3:05. She is so graceful and really makes me miss dancing!!

So now I ask, am I crazy or really just that hormonal?


Lynn Masters said...

Mmmm, perhaps it is hormonal. But I have to say, personally, when I watch Brooke Burke dance I just get really, REALLY mad. You're not supposed to look like that after having FOUR KIDS!!!!

Cal and Sarah said...

I think it means you are having a baby girl on the way - they do crazy things to your hormones :)