Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

50 is Nifty right?

I know that you will love that I put this on my blog...but here is goes...

50 Great Things about my mom:

1. She is the best mom...yes, even better than me!
2. I can talk to her for hours on the phone about nothing.
3. I love it when she calls to say, 'Can I come up this weekend?'
4. She still worries about us, which can get annoying, but we still like it.
5. She loves to ask 101 questions, and I am glad that I picked this up from her too!
6. She is great best friend.
7. She is an even better Mimi.
8. I thought I made her happy, but then Cameron came along.
9. She gives really good advice...about anything.
10. She is a hard worker!
11. She would do anything for her family.
12. She was a great mom when we were growing up.
13. We had so much fun planning our wedding.
14. She has my grandpa's sense of humor.
15. She loves to sing.
16. And even better, she makes up her own songs.
17. We can never keep anything from her, she always finds out somehow (go back to #5)
18. She is the best example of what a mom should be!
19. She is so energetic.
20. Her high energy rubs off on others when she is around.
21. I hear this so often..."I would love for your mom to be my mom!"
22. We love to watch Golden Girls together.
23. In high school, after I got my heart broken, she would stay with me until I fell alseep. Now that is a cool momma!
24. She was a great board member on the McNeil Highschool Majestic Board!
25. She was always there to chear me on!
26. Although she hates shopping, she will go with me anytime.
27. She is a great sister...I know my aunts would say that!
28. She is smokin' hot!
29. She can make anyone laugh!
30. She really loves her job and I know that it makes her happy.
31. Her parents, I know, are proud of her.
32. My dad is one lucky man!
33. Dennis is truly a momma's boy...and he is o.k. with that!
34. She is always in the mood to talk...especially in traffic on the way home from work.
36. She is one of the kindest people I know.
37. She is very dedicated to her family and friends.
38. She loves Josh like he his her own.
39. My mom has a way of making Dennis and I feel special in our own way.
40. I talk about her being fun, give her a margarita and her fun is multiplied by 100...add friends to the mix, and they usually get told to be quiet!
41. We both love Luby's.
42. Cameron adores her.
43. She is one of the strongest people I know.
44. She has a way of calming me down when I call her on the phone upset about something.
45. She is excited about having another grandchild!
46. She takes such good care of her yard...it is a hobby I wish I had.
47. She loves pictures, and I love that when you walk in her house, she has so many pictures of us through the years.
48. I love reminising with her (and we do it often).
49. She always looks for the best in everyone.
50. She may be fifty, but she SERIOUSLY looks 30!

I love you mom! Don't fret about today...it is just a number! Have a WONDERFUL birthday!


Lynn Masters said...

Yes, she's funny, energetic and OH YEAH BABY - SMOKIN HOT! You could add that she was a really cool aunt, too. I remember how she always "let" me play with her hair. I get it now, because even though I "let" Julia play with my hair, I realize it's because it feels good to have someone play with your hair! So you can add "SAVVY" as well. ;) Happy Birthday Aunt Glenda!