Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dawn's Trip to Dallas

I have spent the past four days in Dallas, TX at the Adolphus hotel at a teacher conference. It was a great conference, but really, the fun came from meeting two celebrities! Well, one a Hollywood celebrity, the other a reality t.v. star! What a trip to forget my camera.

On our first night in Dallas (Sunday) we were waiting for valet to come bring us our car. This man pulls up in a big white work truck and literally looked like he just walked off a field where he had been working all day. He had wranglers on, his shirt untucked, cowboy boots on (which were over his jeans), a cowboy hat and long, unbrushed hair. He didn't fit in to the 'Adolphus' look! A friend said, 'Hey...I know that guy..he's from Wings'. Well, if you don't remember the show Wings, I do, because Josh watches reruns every night. He always chuckles at Lowell, the airplane tech guy and sure enough, there at the check out counter was...Thomas Haden Church! He was also in Spiderman and Sideways. Nobody wanted to talk to him, so I went up to him and asked if he was the guy from Wings. He wasn't in the mood to talk, but he replied with a 'That was a long time ago' and nicely (and maybe in a little faster pace as 7 women were staring at him) walked away. Here is a picture of him (definitely not from Sunday night) to help you put a face with a name.

So, the next night, as we are pulling up to valet again from eating some yummy food, there standing waiting for his car was Jeremy from the past season of The Bachelorette. Now, you are probably saying, 'Dawn, how lame are you to know who was on the Bachelorette?' But, for some reason, I started watching last season and got hooked. I knew that Jeremy would win. There was such a connection. (Sad that I am saying this, I know) But, Deanna broke his heart, and mine too. Jeremy cried. I cried. He came back the next episode begging for her to take him back. He cried more, I cried more. So, when I pull up to valet and there is Jeremy standing in front of me, I of course had to say something. His good looks confirmed that it was indeed Jeremy. I told him that I loved watching him on the show and that I had really been rooting for him. He gave me a little chuckle. And then, introduced himself with a handshake. It was then that I felt the need to ask him if he was o.k. He assured me he was, and then gave me the all important sideways hug. He smelled good. I then turned around to see that I had locked all of the girls that were with me in my car. Woops. I think he laughed at me a little more. It was a great night. Here is Jeremy...

Apparently, Jerry Jones was also at the Adolphus hotel that night. I never met him, but did hear that he was really enjoying the company of a 'blonde bombshell' as one of the teacher's put it.

It was a great trip, with some great friends. We learned some, laughed a lot, and did some great shopping!