Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gas Prices and My husband's Booty!

Funny, funny story!

Josh and I finish watching Grey's Anatomy on Thursday and begin watching the wonderful College Station news. They begin into a story about gas prices in College Station after Hurricane Ike (which I didn't think was that bad, but according to KBTX is pretty bad). Anyways, we are watching, and all of sudden Josh says 'Dawn...rewind that'. (Don't you love TIVO). There, on KBTX is my husband's booty filling up on gas! We seriously laughed for good five minutes and kept rewinding, pausing, rewinding, pausing. So, I was playing around on and there they have actually posted the video of the story.

May not be much to you guys, but I know that Josh would love to know that his booty is on the web, let alone our blog.

For your entertainment (by the way it is near the middle of the clip and he is wearing black pants and a green shirt):

(I can't figure out how to post just the video, but click on the link and it will take you to the website!)


Lynn Masters said...

What is really funny is how he knew that was him... Lucky you, by looking at that video, you can check out some booty whenever you feel like it!