Sunday, September 6, 2009

And we're alive....


5 weeks since my last I off maternity leave or what!?!?

The month of August has always proven to be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY for this momma...I have barely even pulled out my camera to take pictures of my kiddos. I know one day I will hear from Cade's mouth, "Mommy, what did I look like when I was five months old?" Unfortunately, I will have to tell him, "I don't know sweet heart, mommy was too busy to take pictures." Really, I have a few, but just not 'blog worthy'.

So, just so you know what has been going on with the Newton's, I compiled a list:

  • Cade started school on August 3rd at Ms. Paula's house. He has done great!! Josh took him the first day so I didn't cry, but needless to say, when I picked him up, I balled. I guess there is no way of getting over those tears.
  • Cameron was going to start pre-school on Aug. 5, but instead spent a few days at his Mimi and Pop's house in Austin. He loves going there and I know that they love having him. Seriously, their house is a shrine to Cameron.
  • Cameron did start pre-school on August 10th. It was an exciting day in the Newton household. He got his lunch box, his nap towel, his change of clothes, and headed out for the day. He cried a little when Josh left, but overall had a great day!
  • Then...the second day of pre-school came. Oh how we hated the second day. Cameron cried and cried. He started the day off telling me he didn't want to go. But, we convinced him to go and how much fun he would have. When Josh dropped him off, he began the crocodile tears. Josh finally had to just leave and the wonderful director called before Josh had gotten out of the parking lot to tell him that Cameron was already happy and playing with others. Oh how he knows how to pull at our heart strings.
  • Cameron does much better now at pre-school and even asks on Saturdays if he can go. He was upset last week when I told him that he got to stay home with us. "But mommy, why is my pre-school locked? I need to see my friends." When Josh drops him off every morning Cameron has to give him a kiss and a hug and say "I love you Daddy". Seriously, if this doesn't happen every day, Cameron tells me that his daddy didn't give him a kiss and hug and that he was sad all day. Once again, he tugs on the heart strings...
  • Cameron had his first show and tell. He had spent the night at his Mamma and Daddy Mike's that night, so Mamma had to get an item for him to bring. Honestly, I was a bit nervous that he would be the only one without something cool, but Mamma came through. (really I should of never doubted her!!) Cameron brought some jungle animals that they always play with. She found the momma and the baby and he taught his class the names of the baby animals. Honestly, this is much better than what I would of given him to bring, and I know that he must of been the STAR of pre-school that day!
  • Cameron got stickers for making good choices and not having to go to the thinking spot. Way to go!! He is also got to be the 'weader' (that is leader for those of you who don't speak three year old). We were so proud.
  • I have lost space for all of his art work. I can't make myself through it away. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Cade has battled his first and second cold since he was born all in one month. Poor guy, I wasn't sure if he was every going to be able to breath again. The suction bulb was our best friend and followed me everywhere.
  • Cade FINALLY rolled over and the little boy is everywhere this month!! We lay him down in one position and it is like he plays hide and go seek with us if we leave the room. He can roll himself anywhere! You should of seen Cameron when he saw Cade roll over the first time, (imagine a high pitched voice) "CADE, I so proud of you. You are getting bigger!!"
  • I helped open a new campus this year! I LOVE my new school so much. Although it has been a lot of work putting together a new classroom, I wouldn't change if for anything. My classes (I only teach Reading/Language Arts this year to two second grade classes) are wonderful. I get excited and sad thinking that in two short school years I will get to see Cameron walking the halls of Creek View Elementary.
  • On August 25, I celebrated my 29th birthday. Yes, my last year in my 20's. So sad...
  • Josh became a great babysitter this month as I spent many Saturdays and Sundays up at school. He is now a pro at two children!
  • I spent most of this month with my new best friend, my breast pump. Sorry to be so blunt, but I feel that I need to celebrate taking 10 minutes out of my busy day every three hours to 'feed' my child.
  • And although this technically didn't happen in August, I feel it is blog worthy...we happily welcome back...FOOTBALL SEASON!! Lord, please let the Aggies be good this year...(oh and with the beginning of Football season means basketball season is right around the corner. I love basketball now!! Thank you Josh...)
So that is our life in a list. Sort of...I am sure I missed something. Five months of maternity leave has come and gone. I will forever treasure this special time with my kids. Although there were days that I could of pulled my hair out, my house was clean, my family had good home cooked meals, I sometimes slept in (if 8:00 is sleeping in?), I watched Oprah, I blogged more, and I took more pictures. But oh how I love teaching. I miss this kids and I miss seeing my bestest friends daily. There is no better job than being a mom and teacher...

Hopefully my next blog won't be a month away...


katie newton said...

YAY for your return to blogging!!! :):):) I've so missed reading your updates! :) Hope school is treating you ok.... I am short one friend now, and I really can't afford that. :) lovelove!!!!

Jim said...

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