Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Jace!!

We are so excited that today is Jace's 3rd birthday! We couldn't ask for a better cousin to Cameron and Cade or a better nephew!!

Jace is one of the most out going three year olds we know! He has such an adventurous spirit and outgoing personality! Cameron and Jace love to play with each other and I am so glad that Cameron has him as a friend to grow up with.

So in honor of your third birthday Jace, here are three things we love about you:

#1: The way you tackle Cameron (thank you for helping him become a little more manly)
#2: You are such an athlete. And we especially love that you always wear those black patches under your eyes (what are they called again?)
#3: Your willingness to try anything new. You are truly a daredevil (climbing out of cribs, throwing baby powder around your room...)

There is so much more we could your scooby-do crocs, your Mohawk as a baby, your keen fashion sense, your blanket and paci, the way you wrap your whole body around someone when they hold you, those arms and legs that went on forever when you were a newborn... the list goes on.

Thank you Jace for bringing such happiness to our family! We hope your third birthday is everything you wished for and more (and I promise we didn't get you a big pink bow!)

Look at Jace's face!! He is so proud of himself!

The boys playing a Chucky Cheese. There is no way both of them could fit now!


katie newton said...

Oh my gosh!!! I am kind of tearing up!!! You are so sweet to post about Jace on his special day!!! Thanks so much!!! :) It is such a blessing that our little guys have each other to grow up with- Jace is a pretty lucky guy to have such cool cousins. :):) And aunts and uncles, and mom and dad,... well, he is just lucky. :):) See ya in Huntsville! (you get major brownie points for attending this party) :)

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet about Jace. Happy Birthday Jace, from Cameron's Mimi! Love you guys!

Kim and Scott said...

Happy Birthday, Dawn!!!!

Jim said...

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