Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tornado Drill

We had a little scare last night. Well, really just a lot of running to different windows in the house looking at this:

(this is not my picture, but definitely the cloud we saw!)

At 6:45 last night, it was a little overcast, so Cameron and I were going to walk to Uncle Dennis' house for a visit. Cameron was going to the restroom before we left and in about 10 minutes, the wind picked up a little and it started raining. By 7:05, all of the news stations were saying that Brazos county was under a tornado warning, and then the unbelievable happened...they cut in to my Bachelorrette: Men Tell All for a little weather coverage. What are they thinking? The weather man was having a hay day with all of these reports of funnel clouds touching down. It did get kinda scary when we saw that cloud forming out of our front window. We were very close to heading for the closet. Lucky for us, all we ended up getting was a bunch of rain.

We thank the weather for our entertainment last night!

And just to let you know...they did return to regular scheduled programming just in time for my satellite to go out! I missed about 30 minutes of the TWO HOUR show!!