Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cameronisms Part 2

For Cameronisms Part 1 click here.

Cameron keeps us laughing on a daily basis! I thought I would share a few of the latest:

One morning I was still in my pajamas, which happen to be capris and hit me about mid calf.
Cameron: (in a very concerned voice) Oh Mommy, why your pants break?

Anytime Cameron has to go poop, this is our conversation:
Mommy: Do you want me to leave?
Cameron: Yes, I need some privazzzee. (privacy)
Mommy: O.k., I will shut the door, so tell me when to stop.
I slowly start closing the door, waiting for him to yell stop. Eventually, the door shuts completely and I hear...
Cameron: STOP!

Thank you Mamma for these next two.

Cameron was at Chick-fil-a with Mamma and Daddy Mike. He went up to the counter (with Mamma looking on) to get his ice cream. The man sort of ignored him, but finally acknowledged that he was there and gave him his ice cream.
Mamma: What do you tell him?
Cameron: (in the sweetest voice) I love you.

And, yes, I save the best for last.
Cameron is obsessed with a baby doll that Mamma has at her house. The name of the baby is Baby Josh (thanks Riley!). When Cameron woke up from his nap yesterday at Mamma's house, this is what happened.
Mamma: Do you want to go to the jungle?
Cameron: Yes, but I have to feed my baby first.
Mama: O.k., I think we left the bottle downstairs.
They go downstairs. Mama finds the bottle just in time to see Cameron sitting on the couch, lifting his shirt and nursing the baby.
Cameron: That my milk. (pointing to his nipple)

I guess I should start nursing in private. When Daddy Mike asked Mamma if she told him that boys can't do that, she said she was going to leave that up to the parents. Oh how I will love that conversation!


Cochran Family said...

hahahaha!!! Cute!

katie newton said...

LOLOLOL!!!! I love these!!!! Especially the milk one!! :):):) That conversation will be another blog post for sure! :)

The Bryants said...

Oh my goodness! That was hilarious!!! Love the last one!