Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

This weekend, the Newton's put up their Christmas decorations. I suggest you not do it in the order that we did. Here is our day's activities:

Step one:
Untangle all the lights from two years ago (since we didn't put lights up last year). Check them to make sure that they work. Yeah!! They still work.
Step two:
Borrow a ladder from your brother-in-law (since he owns Fish Window Cleaning and uses a ladder on a daily basis). Leave husband alone outside while he figures out what he wants to do with the outside lights.

Step three:
Little wife heads inside to decorate the inside of the house. First clean the entire house, second, begin unpacking the Christmas decorations. Meanwhile, both husband and wife do babysitting duties (aka entertain the Cam-man).

Step four:
Go outside and check on husband. You see him at the end of the roof, breathing and laughing really hard. What is going on you think? Well, husband has started slipping off room and appartenly was yelling your name. But, since the movie 'The Polar Express' is blaring in your house (as I said, entertaining the Cam-man), the wife couldn't hear him. Luckily, he caught his grip and did not fall off the room. Now, be a good wife and take a picture.

Step five:
Husband realizes that one strand does not work. (should I mention, that somehow the bulb broke?) Darn it!! Now we head all around town looking for size C9, clear lights. Apparently, everyone in town is looking for them also. Every store we go to is out. Husband finally decides to start over with new lights. Yeah for him.

Step six:
Put kiddo down for nap. Husband and brother-in-law (who has now come over to help) watch football while wife finishes the inside of the house.
(men in picture are just actors)

Step seven:
Halftime. Husband goes outside to finish lights (well, to start over). We soon realize that the clips we have for the old lights do not fit the new lights. Darn it again! Being a good wife (and since I am done with my part of decorating) I head to Wally World on a Saturday night to get new clips. Luckily, I run into two or three families straight out of Christmas Vacation. I love Walmart.

Step eight:
Give up for the night. Go to bed with only the bushes and trees lit.

Step nine:
Go to church. After church, husband is ready to begin again. This time, the Cam-man decides to give a lending hand. That lasted long...yeah right! Husband realizes he needs another extension cord. Being the good wife (and since I am done with my part of decorating) I head to Target (I got smart this time) and buy two new extension cords.

Step ten:
Yes, we are on step ten. Husband realizes he does not have enough lights to finish the house. He goes to Target and buys more lights and clips. Pregnant wife is tired now.

Step eleven:
Husband finishes his project at 6:00 last night. We now have a beautiful house, inside and out. (REAL pictures to come later)

Step twelve:
Celebrate with oreos and milk. O.k....maybe we just needed an exuse to have oreos and milk.

Step thirteen:
Chill out from a long weekend and get ready for the week ahead.

As I said, we do not suggest following our order of events for Christmas decorating. We hope you all had better luck! Next year, we are paying someone to do this!


MiMi said...

Wow - What a day (or two)! Can't wait to see the pics of the final product........I don't believe you that Joshua really got the lights up!! Love, Mom