Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let is Snow 2...

Yes, this is the second post about snowing. What a day!!

Josh and I were amazed about the snow that we got yesterday!! I mean College Station got REAL snow, not that nasty Texas snow, but real fluffy, flaky white snow!

As soon as we got home, Cameron was ready to play in the snow and better yet...was ready to build a snowman!! Josh was gung-ho mittens, no I took a few pictures and ran inside. Here are a few of the pics I got of the REAL snow that we got yesterday!

Cameron leaving Paula's house yesterday and having a 'feel' of snow!
Once we got home, Cameron took off running in the snow. I seriously have never seen him so excited!!

Josh and Cameron collecting snow for the snowman. You can see that Cameron's gloves were huge on him, but hey, they worked. Cameron got out his plastic gardening tools and would collect snow and bring it to his daddy. It was so cute to watch the two of them.

A picture of the outside of the house. By the way...Josh's truck is blue, not white!!

And finally...the snowman...
O.k...o.k...that really isn't our snowman. Sadly, Cameron made it about 45 minutes outside. He played and played, and scooped and dug and threw snow, until his little body just got too cold. Josh said he just started crying in the middle of the yard for no reason, so they came inside. That picture above is just a snowman from someone in Aggieland that I found on the internet. I just felt this blog couldn't be complete without a picture of a snowman.

Stay warm!!


Lynn Masters said...

Lucky you! We didn't even get enough snow to make a snowball - much to Hayden's disappointment! Don't be so sure that Cameron won't remember this - Hayden remembers the Magical Christmas Eve 2004 - and he wasn't even 2 yet!

The Wests said...

Dawn, I found your blog! Good to see you last night and so funny about all the connections!!