Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A conversation with a two year old...

** I had to add another story!**

The following story took place at our house Sunday morning when I woke up.

Cameron, who was laying on the couch with his daddy is crying and being fussy.

Mommy: Cameron, what's the matter? (in a nice, caring voice)
Cameron: I in a mood. (in a whiny, leave me alone voice)

Oh how I love that explanation. I think he may of heard me say that one too many times during this pregnancy.

As I was putting Cameron to sleep last night, he pointed to my mouth said:
Cameron: Mommy, what that?
Mommy: That is my mouth.
Cameron: No mommy. What on chin?
Mommy: Thanks Cameron, that is a pimple.
Cameron: What pimple mommy? (with a disgusting look on his face)
Mommy: It is something Mommy doesn't like either.
Cameron: I don't like it pimple. Want me to take it off?
Mommy: No thank you and good night son. You just made my day!


Lynn Masters said...

Love his room! Be sure to send pics of Cade's too!

Emily said...

from the mouth of babes!! that was the best part of teaching daycare, every flaw pointed out!!

Cal and Sarah said...

"I in a mood" - that made me laugh so hard!