Monday, February 9, 2009

Fishing with Daddy Mike and the Gang

While some of my friends hosted a 'celebration' for Cade and I at a local restaraunt, Cameron, Josh, Riley, Jace, Uncle Jordan, Matt, and Daddy Mike all went fishing for Daddy Mike's 56th birthday!!

This was Cameron's first fishing trip. He really enjoyed playing with the new batman fishing pole that Josh bought him at home, but apparently, wasn't into fishing that much. He did however, enjoy wearing the life jacket that Mamma wanted all of the kids to wear. So, while exploring the fields around the tank where they went fishing, Cameron sported his life jacket (which he calls his back pack).

I was very proud of Josh because he got some good pics of the kids! Enjoy!

Cameron & Jace excited about the fishing ahead!!

EWWW Uncle Jordan! Look at those worms!!
A proud father with his son's catch!
Yes, that is cow manure, and yes, poor Jace fell right in to it!!

Like Father like son!

Daddy Mike looks very proud of his catch!


katie newton said...

ewwwwwwwwww- jordan totally left out the part where jace fell cow poo!!!! LOVELY!!! Those are some great pics! Do you have them on shutterfly? I need to get them. And I am all about having craft day here in a few weeks!! love it!