Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Birds and The Bees

It has been quite interesting around our house lately, well our backyard actually.

One morning, Cameron wanted to go on the back porch and play in his sand table. As I was opening the back door, I was almost dive bombed by one of these:

It seems that these 'friendly' birds decided to build a mud nest right above our back door. I could never get a picture of it because every time I stepped outside they would fly around the back porch to protect their nest. Poor Cameron couldn't play outside for about two days because these birds would just show up out of nowhere, and even worse, Max had to make a run for it every time I let him outside to go to the restroom! One night, Josh scraped down the mud nest and we haven't seen the birds since.

Then, later that same day, I was on the phone with my mom, looking out the window explaining to her about the birds, when I saw a football in one of our trees. A football you ask, oh I wish it were just a football... But, then I look closer and see this in our tree:

Yes, those our bees!! Luckily, the tree they decided to live in was way in the back so the bees never made it near the door. We called animal control and apparently they don't handle bees. One of Josh's co-worker's husband is an exterminator and he said he would come one night and take care of them. Sidenote: Apparently you shouldn't mess with bees during the day, only at night. So the day he was supposed to come, the bees disappeared and we haven't seen them since. It was really weird, one minute they were, and the next they were gone.

After an interesting week, I have come to the conclusion that Cameron got a lesson on the birds and bees WAY too early!! Ha!


allison hanna said...

Oh my gosh - those bees are scary!!! And the birds, they have made an appearance before at the front door, but they left when their nest was disturbed. Crazy stuff!

katie newton said...

That is so hilarious!!! The pic of the bees gives me the heeby-jeebies!!!! So glad they decided to relocate! :)