Friday, May 1, 2009

Pee and Poop

I never in a million years would imagine that I could say those two words so many times in a week. But, that is what happens when you potty train a 2 1/2 year old.

That's right...I am crazy! I decided that on my first official week at home with both of the boys that I would potty train Cameron. And believe it or has gone great!!

On Sunday night, Josh and I told Cameron that he wasn't going to be allowed to wear diapers anymore and that he was going to have to use the big boy potty. Monday morning, Cameron woke up and he still hadn't had his morning pee (he hasn't really peed in his diaper during sleep in a long time), so we ran to the potty. With a little fight, he sat there, and sat there, and sat there...AND FINALLY...we hear his little musical potty go off and there in the toilet was this:

(don't you love that I took a picture of it?!?)

I WAS SO EXCITED!! You should of seen the look on his face! He was so proud of himself and has not been in a diaper since!! He called his daddy at work and his cousin Riley. And then, five minutes later, he had his first accident. I think that when he peed in the toilet it scared him a little and he stopped going, so he finished a few minutes later. We immediately packed up and went to Target to go get his Handy Manny tools that I have been promising him and let him pick out some big boy underwear of his own. The cool thing about the tool set is that there are 10 tools total, so every time he went potty in the toilet, I let him pick a tool. He couldn't get the tool chest until he went poop. He also gets to pick two m&m's for pee and five m&m's for poop. Take a peek out our 'bribery' sitting on the back of the toilet seat.

Since that first pee accident on Monday, he has no more accidents in his pants...

Well, pee accidents that poop his a whole other issue! The kid will not poop in the toilet. I can't tell if he is scared or what. He would go in his pants and then tell me "Oh, that's o.k mommy, that just accident, we clean it up". Finally, the other night, we ate dinner in front of the t.v. Instead of him sitting in his booster seat on the floor, I made him sit on his toilet and pulled a tray up to him. Yes, I am crazy. There was my son, eating dinner on the toilet in the living room, watching Wheel of Fortune. He always seems to go poop while he is eating, so I tried to catch him at this perfect time. But, no poop. :( So, we decided to let him run around the house naked and guess worked!! He knew he didn't want to poop on the floor, so he ran to the toilet!!! I know you will be sad, but I did not take a picture of the first poop. I figured I would spare you all!!

Now, we have a little problem. He will still poop in his underwear if he has them on. If I let him run around naked, he will go in the potty. I can't let this boy run around naked for the rest of his life just so he will poop!! Any suggestions out there?

I am so very proud of him and I love seeing the excitement on his face when he goes! He even has the little routine down...pee, then dump it in the toilet, flush, wash hands, get m&m's. He can even explain the whole procedure to you! Way to go Cameron...mommy and daddy are very proud of our big boy!

(He will hate me later in life for taking this!)

And to all of you who read this...thank you for reading my whole story on pee and poop. I hope I didn't disgust you too much!


Mandi said...

Your little man is good! Morgan wasnt "ready" until about a month ago! He's 4!!
I have the same problem with the poop. He wont go in the toilet. :(

The Bryants said...

I was laughing out loud at the idea of Cameron eating on the potty!

Julie said...

That's awesome! And since it's going so well for you with Cameron, I'll send Sheridan to your house and you can potty train her for me! :)

allison hanna said...

My nephew had the 'poop' issue for quite a while. I think it just felt too wierd for him to sit and poop. He was bribed with "Cars" cars and M&Ms (with a tiny bit of guilt added in) and it worked beautifully. Best of luck!

katie newton said...

LOL! I love that you took a pee pic, and I am so very grateful that you didn't take a poo pic! I'm so proud of my little Cam-man!!! And the M&M's above the potty are a great idea- I'm definitely copying that one.