Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eli update

After visiting with the doctors today, it was determined that Eli has coarculation which means his aorta is closed off. He is on some medication right now so depending on how he reacts to the medicine will determine when he has surgery. Possibly today, tomorrow or even on Friday. Please keep them in your prayers. Megan said the Dr. is optimistic, so that is a little bit comforting.

Michelle texted me today saying that he is having surgery and that she is scared, as she has every right to be.

Please specifically pray for Eli's health, Michelle and Jacob's comfort during this time, and knowledgeable doctors that are ready for surgery. Continue to pray for Eli's heart that it will grow strong and be healthy for a filled life!!

Eli is 8 days old today.

Thank you all!


katie newton said...

Oh that is so horrible. I really can't imagine sending my 8 day old baby into surgery. I will just keep praying that the Lord will heal him and that the surgery will be 100% successful. Thanks for the update!

Julie said...

Hi Dawn,

Any updates on Eli? We are praying for him and his family.