Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Well, Easter has come and gone and all of the chocolate candy sitting on my counter is not making loosing weight any easier! But, there is no way I am letting my 2 1/2 year old eat all of that candy...someone has to do it right?

We were quite disappointed to see the weather for Easter Sunday (70% chance of heavy thunderstorms) so our Easter plans changed a little this year. Usually, we go to my family's annual Easter reunion. I have been going since I was a wee little one and haven't missed one since I can remember. With the travel to San Antonio, a 3 week old, and possible chance of rain, we knew that this year was out.

We did however enjoy some super fun Easter activities here in College Station. It started Friday evening at Mamma and Daddy Mike's house. Sharon cooked up some super yummy hamburgers (with the help of Daddy Mike at the grill). She had all sorts of Easter activities planned, which of course included games with prizes! Even the adults got to participate!! Cameron enjoyed his eater egg hunting with Riley and Jace, but enjoyed opening the eggs a little more. I mean what is more exciting than hunting eggs in the front yard and opening them to find candy and money!! Cade was a little to young for hunting, but as you can tell from the picture, enjoyed the festivities as much as everyone else. Thank you Sharon and Mike for a super fun Easter evening!

Saturday morning, Josh headed off to play golf. I was left alone with two kids for the first time! I was so proud of myself, because I managed to shower, play Thomas with Cameron, feed Cade, and even made a quick trip to Wal-Mart for some last minute Easter items. Go me!! My mom and dad (Mimi and Pops) came to Aggieland to share Easter with Cameron. We had a nice lunch at my house (chicken salad stuff avocados...what can get better?!?) and during Cameron's nap, the Easter bunny made a stop in our front yard!! At first he wanted nothing to do with another easter egg hunt (I think because there was no competition, just him), but he soon got right in to it and found all 56 eggs that were hidden. I left my camera and Mamma and Daddy Mike's house, so unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this event!

Overall, we had a great Easter despite the rain on Sunday. Cameron is getting to be a big boy and really is starting to get the idea of these special holidays. It is so neat to see how excited he gets! I always loved Easter and hunting eggs and I love seeing that he loves it too!

Enjoy our pics from Easter weekend!

The kiddos before the big hunt:

And he's off:

He knew exactly where to find them!
He was so proud of his eggs!
Two super cute cousins:
Time to see what is inside!!
Enjoying a little treat:

All of the cousins:
Time for games! Here is the egg on a spoon race...
Cameron didn't care too much for the attention (definitely his daddy's son):
And now on to water balloons. (the camera woman had to take cover, so this is the only pic): Cameron loved it as did the 'big' boys!

We hope everyone had a great Easter!!


Jen Scott said...

Congrats on Cade! He is SOO cute! I can't believe I haven't checked in so long. That is so exciting. I love little ones!

katie newton said...

Such great pics!!! love it. you wanna rabbit? :)