Friday, April 24, 2009

"The Magic Pill"---Priceless!

So, it all started with shingles, then thrush, then acid reflux, a two year old who is teething....and I am sure we aren't done there.

A run down of our medical expenses in the past month:

Shingles medicine-$5
Viacadin for after delivery-$5
Thrush medicine for Cade-$5
Thrush medicine for Dawn-$5
Second round of thrush medicine for Dawn-$5
Two week check up for Cade-$25
Tagamet medicine for reflux-$5
Acid reflux doctor's appointment-$25
Ibprofen for Cameron-$5
and finally (and I am sure there will be more this month...)
Prevacid for Cade (or as Dr. Ransom says 'The Magic Pill' or 'A sleeping pill for mommy and daddy)-$74.11

Yes, you read that right, $74.11 for a two month supply of acid reflux medicine. If it works, it will be TOTALLY worth it!! The tagamet was working, but I could tell it was slowly tapering off, so Josh and I decided to take him to the doc again. He started spitting up again, you know, the yucky cottage cheese stuff. We start our first dose of Prevacid this morning (and just for the is 8:15 and he is still sleeping).

Our grand total:
$159.11 (and that doesn't include the hospital bill from the birth our little angel!)


katie newton said...

Like a said on the phone- worth every penny if it helps!!! Love your cost breakdown. So glad Cade seems to be feeling better!!! :)

Julie said...

Savannah is on prevacid and it is wonderful! It will definitely help Cade and well, everyone involved! ;)

The Smallwood Family said...

Prevacid is so the magic pill! Enjoy the sleep!!

allison hanna said...

My first niece had reflux and colic - we feel your pain...and Cade's!

Emily said...

i hope the previcd helps, its been wonderful for us, someone gave me Colic Ease- gripe water-i give it to C during the day and that really seems to help also! I think they got it at central market, it's all natural.