Monday, April 27, 2009

Bye Bye Paula!!

As of last Friday, April 24th, Cameron no longer goes to Ms. Paula's house. It was a bitter sweet day for me. I am so excited that it is almost summer because Cameron and I had so much fun together last summer. I am excited that Cameron gets to spend more time at home with Cade and I. And, I am SUPER excited that I don't have to pay daycare for the next four months!! But, on the other hand, it is so hard to find someone you trust to take care of your baby, and that is what we found in Ms. Paula. She has been so great for Cameron. She taught him manners, how to eat with utensils, all about sharing and caring, and so much more that Josh and I wish we could take credit for! Cameron made two really good friends, Ty and Maddy while he was there. They have been there for the entire two years that Cameron went to Ms. Paula's house. Although he loves being at home, he keeps asking me if he can go back to Ms. Paula's to show her fun things (like the new jibbitz that he got for his crocs...)

Paula celebrated Cameron's 'graduation' all day. He got to play with the Thomas train set one last time, got to pick the movie for lunch time, and most importantly, got presents from all of his friends.

Cameron and I also made cupcakes for the celebration:

Reading the directions for the strawberry cupcakes that he had to have:
Time to put them in the oven:
Now we wait for them to bake:
Gather the rainbow sprinkles and icing:
And here is the finished product...and they were super yummy I might add!!

When Cameron got to Paula's house on Friday...there was a huge sign just for him.

And she made him a cap.On a side note...I have been really emotional about Cameron being a 'big boy'. Josh has seen numerous of tears in the last few weeks from me when people talk about how big he has gotten. When he walked in Friday morning and saw the sign, he almost asked Paula to take it down before I got there to pick him up in the afternoon. How sweet is that? Or maybe he just didn't want to deal with my tears anymore...

Cameron opened some wonderful presents and handed some out to his friends. He gave Ms. Paula one last hug and we were gone. It didn't feel like a 'final' goodbye because Cade will go to Ms. Paula's house in August when I return to work. Cameron will start preschool in August. Oh how the time is flying...

Maddy helping Cameron with his presents: (she got him this really neat tunnel for his Thomas train set)

I love Maddy's look in this picture. She looks happy and jealous at the same time!
One last trip around the train track...
A final goodbye:
Thank you Ms. Paula for being so wonderful to Cameron!! We love you like family and are so excited that you get to watch Cade in the fall!!

The future...