Thursday, April 16, 2009

I think we have...


I spoke with Cade's doctor's office yesterday because Josh and I were finally at our wits end. Poor Cade has been spitting up on average 4-5 times after each feeding. My poor couch has never been cleaned so much and I never knew I would go through more outfits than him in one day!! When he burps, it just sounds painful and unfortunately for mommy (and daddy too) he isn't sleeping much at all during the day and is giving us about hour to hour and half stretches at night.

Dr. Ransom went ahead and called in a prescription for Tagamet, for acid reflux. Already he seems to be more comfy after feedings. He hasn't spit up as much and he is loving his paci a little more...which is good for soothing himself back to sleep.

So, I have some prayers to ask for. Please pray that this medicine takes the pain away from Cade and maybe in return will give us some relief also. Please pray that Cade can become a better sleeper. I am perfectly fine with getting up with him at night, but every hour or so is getting to be a bit much for this momma!! Josh has been great and always is there to help!! I couldn't do it without him!

No parent wants to see their baby in pain! I am ready for him to feel better!

Mommy sees a lot of these eyes during the day (aren't they pretty though?):

I think I would rather see more of this during the day:


Julie said...

Oh no! Poor Cade. The medicine should definitely help and you should be able to get more sleep at night! :) Savannah had reflux so you might want to talk to Sarah about it. I know it was hard for them for awhile but once they figured out what was wrong and got her started on the medicine, things got MUCH better!

poehl family said...

oh, the misery of reflux...painful for baby and mommy/daddy! mine had it too and the tagamet didn't work near as good as previcid. it took close to 2 weeks before i saw a real difference but then it was night and day. will pray for comfort and lots of rest!

katie newton said...

Me too mommy!!! You are definitely doing the right thing, trying him on this medicine, and just go from there. Thats really encouraging that its already seeming to help him a bit! Of course, you are all in my prayers. lovelove!!

Lynn Masters said...

Hayden had the same problem. We found out it was the formula and switched him to soy. It helped a little, but we still kept a big silver bowl in the living room for a quick grab because we got so tired of cleaning the couch and carpets!

The Smallwood Family said...

oh Dawn - I wouldn't wish it on anyone - it's so hard to see your little baby so uncomfortable, it broke my heart with Savannah :( But about a week on the medicine it was so much better and then two weeks after (everything had healed from pre medicine feedings) and she wasn't uncomfortable at all - and started sleeping long stretches at night. She took Prevacid - I think she has outgrown it now too because I have skipped a few days here and there of her medicine lately and she has had no trouble.

Hang in there and I hope you can get some sleep soon and Cade can feel better soon - poor little guy - I am praying for him! I am sure the medicine will cure it quickly. I don't know why so many babies have it these days, so sad :(

I am thinking of you too mommy - it's so hard!! Call me if you need to talk!

Melissa Darst said...

my kids are both reflux babies. maren is still on prevacid at 9 months and dylan took his until 15 months. i think they are both on the extreme side so if you need anything, let me know. i'm sure we've tried it:) hang in there!!