Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meet Mr. Porker

Cade and I visited Dr. Ransom's office today for his two week check-up. I thought I would have it all together as a 'second time mom' but apparently I don't, because this doc's appointment could not of come at a more perfect time! I had so many questions:

1. Why does he spit up so much? Is it reflux? Is he gaining weight?
2. Why is his skin peeling?
3. Why is his tongue all white?
4. Why do my boobs itch so much? (sorry if you have never breast fed or are a boy and are reading this question)
5. Is he sick? (Cameron had a fever and was throwing up all weekend)
6. Are my shingles still contagious and are they affecting him in anyway?
7. Why does he continue to break out of his swaddle each night?

Most of my questions were prefaced with "I don't remember this with Cameron, but..."

Before I give the answers to my questions, I must dedicate this post to our most awesome pediatrician, Dr. Ransom. He always keeps me calm (I have a tendency to over analyze EVERYTHING) and I trust him 100%!! I never knew how important it was to pick a good pediatrician!! My advice to new moms...pick a doctor you love...the most important questions and fears you have are answered by them, so make sure you trust them 100%!!

O.k...back to the questions...he does not have reflux (hint hint...my over analyzing!) and now weighs a whopping 9 lbs 2oz!! GO CADE GO!! I see a job in his future:I think the 9.2 lbs. has something to do with why he breaks out of the swaddle each night...the boy is so strong!! I may have to take my friend Courtney and Sam's advice...use duck tape!! (Just kidding of course!) As for the skin peeling...totally normal (and I knew this, but had to ask!) And, no, he isn't sick!! According to Dr. Ransom he is a very healthy little boy!!

Now, for the white tongue and itchy boobs...lucky us...we have THRUSH!! First shingles, now thrush...will my body every be normal? Basically it is a yeast infection that we are passing back and forth to each other and should be cured in a week with some medicine he prescribed. It makes for two painful boobies, but luckily as of now, it doesn't seem to be bothering Cade at all. And the shingles are getting better, but I am ready for them to be GONE!!

That is all for now, oh except I must take Dr. Ransom's advice and take lots of pictures...so here are a few for you to enjoy:

Not a great pic, but he is still a cutie!!
My boys...Cameron loves to give Cade hugs!


Emily said...

my tip for swaddeling is to first wrap VERY thightly in a recieving blanket then use the swaddle blanket to keep everthing in place-it has worked like a charm for us especially when they get bigger(i swaddeled ryan until he was 6 months because he slept SO well) good luck with the itchy boobs, thats very annoying I'm sure!

The Smallwood Family said...

savannah always busted out of her swaddle too, I figured out she didn't like her arms being in so I swaddled her with her arms out and she was a much happier and sounder sleeper! Sorry about the thrush :( Glad he is doing so well!!! And glad he doesn't have reflux!

Sam and Courtney said...

Hey, don't tell our secret!!! :)