Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy One Month Cade!!

I can't believe that Cade is one month old. Seriously...where does the time go? It is so weird to think that we were celebrating Cade's arrival one short month ago!! One month of getting up every night, one month of lots of feedings, one month of diaper changes, one month of changing his outfit 100 times a day... and yet we still have so many more months to go!!

Although he is still so little, I thought I would list some of Cade's milestones. I feel so bad that I didn't do this for Cameron. It would have helped a little with Cade's first month. I think I remember things that Cameron did at this age, but most of the time Josh remembers it a little differently. If I only would of written it down...sorry Cameron!

**Cade is still growing like a weed. I haven't weighed him since his two week check up, but I would guess he is over 10 lbs!!

**He is still on medicine for his acid reflux. He takes .8 ml every eight hours. If he misses a dose, I can guarantee you that I will have to change him because he will spit up and then I will have to change my shirt also. I don't want to be that mom that smells like spit up!!

**He slept in his room, by himself, the day after his three week birthday. Thank you Lord for the mom that invented video monitors!!

**Since we got him on his medication, he has become a great sleeper. He gives me one 5 hour stretch and then another 3 hour stretch. We put him down between 9:30-10:00 every night and he usually gets up around 3:00 for his first feeding and goes right back to sleep.

**He is getting better with the swaddle, not fighting it too much. I realized he has to be 75% asleep to stay in the swaddle, anything less and he will fight it.

**He hates his swing, but loves his bouncy chair (which is totally opposite from Son #1)

**He is beginning to like his play mat and will give mommy about 20 minutes of playtime each morning.

**He is slowly growing out of his 0-3 months clothes!! Slow down buddy!

**He is a real trooper with all of mommy's errands during the day. He hates the first five minutes in the car, but after that, we are good to go!!

**His big brother keeps him entertained when he wants to. It is actually pretty nice for mommy!

On a side note, everyone keeps asking me what it is like to have two kiddos. I feel like I can't answer anyone honestly because Cameron is still going to Ms. Paula's house during the day. That being said, this Friday is his last day. I am a little nervous about next week, but I know we will get through it. It has been really nice to have this time to bond with Cade. I have really enjoyed our one on one time together. I don't think he realizes how loud it is about to get during the day!!


The Smallwood Family said...

so glad he is doing better now that the medicine has kicked in - that is wonderful for him and you!! Happy one month!!