Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cade Walker's Room


If Cade were to come today (which according to the doc could really be any day), he would have a nice, cozy room to come home to! I am so excited that we are finished with his room! The boy is very lucky because he gets his own room, plus he gets to share his room with any guests that brave the Newton household!! This made decorating for a little one a little tough. I wanted his room to be boyish and for a baby, but I also didn't want my guests (aka-my mom) to feel like they were sleeping in a nursery!

I originally wanted to do blue, black, and white for Cade's room, but after searching for a black crib, I realized I couldn't really find anything I liked. So, I got the 'espresso' color (see this entry on picking out the crib) and that is where we switched to blue, brown, and white.

Before I post pictures, I must give a HUGE shout out to GRAN. She has worked so hard for me in making sure that Cade's room was perfect! She made all of the bedding for the full size bed and slaved over the curtains!! (I promise to never pick that fabric again, even though they look PERFECT!!) She is so creative and honestly, my children would not have the cool things they do (curtains in their room, a way cool bumper and quilt for Cameron and so much more) if it weren't for her! She made my fabric purchases stretch so far. I can't believe that she sewed me a complete bedding set, including 5 pillows with the fabric I bought. I was hoping that there would be enough for just a duvet cover! She has inspired me to learn how to sew (well maybe with a little push so I quit asking her to do so much for me! Just kidding!) So, to you Jeannie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have made this 'nesting' mom's brain relax a little more in knowing how perfect and creative your work always is!! Now, I more projects---well atleast until the next one comes along.

And on to the pictures. Remember pictures don't do the room justice!! Enjoy!!

Cade's Crib and letter's that I made:
The Curtains!! (I love them and they really tie the room together!)

The Bedding...made by Gran!!
The view when you walk in the room:
Another view when walking in the room:
The other art work that I made:
My rocking chair from when I was a kiddo (just 'updated' a little):

Cade's Closet (and I have another box of clothes to wash!!)
Now we are just missing a little Cade to make the room perfect!! Hurry up Cade...your mommy is ready to put the finishing touch on your room!


katie newton said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! The curtains look amazing!!!! I am so excited for him to get here.... come see Aunt Katie Cade!! :):) (preferably before the 14th or after the 21st).

J Claire said...

Very cute! I love the colors.
I wish you would let me include it in my gallery of nursery pics.

Or you could enter it in our contest?

Here's the url where you upload your pics:

Here are some pictures entered contests in the past:

Aaron and Andrea said...

Awesome job on the nursery. It looks amazing! Can't wait to meet baby Cade. Tell your boys hi for us!

Sam and Courtney said...

I LOVE it!!! Can't wait to meet Cade!