Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eat, Sleep, Poop

What I love about my newborn boy:

  • He is so fun to cuddle
  • He is really squishy
  • His little 'coos' when he is fast asleep
  • His smiles from nowhere and how fast they come and go away
  • Watching his big brother hold him
  • Seeing how happy people get when they see him
  • Watching his little movements and finally being able to put two and two together as to what all those kicks were when his was in my tummy
  • His little feet and hands
  • Picking out his outfit for the day (even though 90% of them don't fit!)
  • and finally...that he is FINALLY here!! Nine months is too long!!


Sam and Courtney said...


Yay for pictures! He is really beautiful. I love the video of Cameron holding him...what joy!

Congrats! Hopefully we'll be able to meet him soon!

Sarah said...

Congratulations, Dawn!

Enjoy this time, you know all too well how quickly it passes!!


Jayme said...

Congrats Dawn! So sweet!! I think he looks like Cameron.

Love, Jayme