Friday, March 20, 2009

Still pregnant and now...

I have shingles!!

O.k., before everyone gets grossed out like I did in the doctor's office, shingles is just a form of chicken pox. I have had chicken pox, but when you get chicken pox (usually as a child) the shingles virus stay dormant in your spine until something, like stress, triggers it. Lucky me. That is what all of the doctors keep saying with this poor pathetic look on their face. They are very uncomfortable and it is really hard to sleep on my back or left side right now (because of the shingles). So, I am limited to right side sleeping which, for me, calls for more charlie horses and a crick in my neck. Poor Dawn right?

Because the shingles is a chicken pox strand, the biggest concern is for Cameron and Cade right now. Cameron has had his first chicken pox vaccine, but he still cannot come in direct contact with my breakout. Cade is who I am really worried about. The doctors seemed more worried about him after birth. It will make it very hard for me to breastfeed or even hold him as he REALLY cannot come in contact with the rash. I cannot imagine a newborn with chicken pox. And, I'm a little torn as to what I should do when he born. Should I hold him? This question keeps going through my head over and over again. I have called the pediatrician and I feel like God has already answered my prayers because he was on vacation, but is back now. Dr. Ransom has been so wonderful to Cameron and I trust him completely. He doesn't seem to worried about me holding Cade, just more about me breastfeeding b/c Cade will be in such close contact to the rash.

I feel like I have given my life away in the post. It sounds so gross!!! But, I wanted you all to know so you can pray for my sweet boys. I just don't want them getting chicken pox at such a young age. I am probably making more of it than I should, but isn't that what a mommy is to do?

On a lighter note, I had contractions all day yesterday and thought for sure that this was it. We went to the doctor (I had an appointment anyways) with hopes that she would send us to the hospital, but no luck. She said I was in early labor and wanted me to go home and relax. Well, the relaxing made the contractions go away and I officially had 'false labor'. Lets hope this doesn't happen again!! I am officially 39 weeks, which is when Cameron was born.

That is all for the updates now. Cameron has been enjoying the company of my Aunt Debbie all week and now Mimi is here to entertain him a little. He is really excited about seeing his Cade Walker!


allison hanna said...

Good grief girl! I'm praying for you and your boys.

Sam and Courtney said...

Dawn!!! I am SO sorry! However, thanks for updating the blog...I have been waiting for some news! We will put you on our prayer list...please let us know if you need anything else!

Emily said...

you poor thing that sounds just awful, how long does it take for it to go away? I so sorry, I can only imagine the anxitiy you are feeling, you will be in our prayers.

The Smallwood Family said...

oh dawn I am so sorry, I hope you are all better and the boys are doing great!