Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No, No Bachelor!!

Oh no he didn't!

And to think, I thought this was a 'real' bachelor. Ohhhh how ABC fooled me!! And as Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View said today 'This is six weeks of my life that I will never get back'. Six weeks? I believed this man for six weeks!!! I was so 'Team Jason'. He seemed so real, so different than then other men ABC had picked. What a game they played with me (and many others it seems).

Yes, I watched ALL three hours last night. No, I did not sleep last night (and it isn't because I'm pregnant). All I could think about is how wrong he was in what he did.

And, poor, poor Melissa. Her emotions seemed so real last night, but I kinda think she was expecting it. Maybe not the whole 'I'm in love with Molly' thing, but I think she definitely knew that something was up. I loved that she called him that name (not appropriate for a 'family' blog).

And, I can't be mad at Molly, but seriously, who makes out with a man on a couch on nationwide t.v. five minutes after he broke the heart of another woman? Makes me believe that ABC pulled another one me and that Molly knew what was going to happen and has been in contact with Jason for the past two months.

I shouldn't even waste my time with tonight's 'official' After the Rose show, but yes, I do have it TIVO'ed and I'm sure I will stay up tonight to watch it. More life wasted!

And in case Melissa reads my blog (as I'm sure she does), I have some advice for her. Remember Jeremy from Deanna's season of The Bachelorette? (if you don't check out my blog when I met him) Anyways, he's hot, and appeared single when I met him. He is was super nice and even better, lives in Dallas, right where Melissa lives. I think she should give him a shot. Don't you think they look cute together?

Thank goodness I have a new baby on the way to get my mind off of this season of The Bachelor, oh and I also have American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Oh what would my life be without reality t.v. and TIVO?


poehl family said...

soooo true. i have wasted many hours hashing over the episode with friends & my husband. i was just SICK over it. who knew reality televsion would mean so much to me? :)
jason went from hero to zero as far as i am concerned. BIG. FAT. JERK. he & molly deserve each other.