Monday, March 30, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Throughout the last few months of my pregnancy, Josh would take Cameron to Research Park at A&M to feed the ducks and turtles so that I could have 'mommy' time. (Which most of the time resulted in me laying on the couch!) Yesterday, we packed the family up and headed up to Research Park together. The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday and I enjoyed seeing Cameron get so excited over the ducks and turtles.

Josh said that he isn't taking me back to the park because I got too nervous with Cameron getting so close to the water and all of the dogs running around without a leash. Oh well...

Cameron liked pushing Cade's stroller:
Daddy giving Cameron some bread:
The ducks loved Cameron:
Cade came along for moral support:
A Father/Son moment:After feeding the ducks, Cameron and Daddy played chase:

Just to prove that I wasn't there as just the photographer:
My big boy:


Anonymous said...

What a handsome family!! Love you all, Mom - Mimi